Noted: Ep. 37 – LIMES

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Flavorings Mentioned

fa aurora flv lime wedge inw lime flv lime vt lime cordial wf lime tfa keylime fa florida keylime cap lime fa lime tahity cold pressed fa lime tahity distilled fw natural key lime tfa key lime pie inw shisha lime nn key lime pie filling fw hawaiian limeade vt persian lime

Flavor Name Notes Time Started Recommended % 
FA Aurora Super realistic lime note, wonderful in cocktails, body gives fizz to your mix, good single flavor vape at 3%, sparkling champagne – Concrete 

Really good all by itself as a SFT – Cheeba 

1106 .5 – 1 
FLV Lime Wedge Promising realistic, with fading issues – Concrete 

It disappears, its good but it leaves very quickly – Emily 

1107 3 
INW Lime Sweet, lime juice, cocktail <– BEFORE the change| AFTER the change –> not bad, not interesting, weaker, sweet, less vibrant and syrupy – Concrete 1114  
FLV Lime Closest inw sub, made for a slushie .5% – 1% was perfect – Emily 

Candied lime – Cheeba 

Finecky, turns into a cleaning product, >.5% is “aggressive”, neon green, needs something sweeter to attach to  – Concrete 

1.5% = windex, lime slushie flavor, would pair very well with sweetener- Dave 

1117 .5 
VT Lime Corgle Really interesting, flv –esque green thing going on, has a odd mineral carbonation thing with it, good single flavor, a bit weak, 3% in a mix solo 6-8% – Concrete 

A vanilla lime cream soda candy – Dave 

1120 2-3% (Mix) 


WF Lime Bitter @ 1.5% – Cheeba 

Lime candy, lime lollipop, fades with the steep, loses vibrancy, not bitter or typical citrus harshness – Dave 

Lime soda or sprite, bright – Emily 

TFA Key Lime Medium amount of harshness, bitterness, responds well to creams or ethyl maltol – Dave 

Not super bright, thickness and body to it, easy to work with but more of a candy lime, not authentic – Cheeba 

The most versatile – Emily 

FA Florida Key Lime Pretty mellow, not as aggressive a zest note, not as syrupy, good for “lime body” – Concrete 

Lime juice, not thick, sweet but not candy – Emily 

Nice, tasty, fresh, not juicy but not dry either, – Dave 

1129 2% – Cheeba & Emily 

>2% is ok 

3 – 3.5% – Concrete 

CAP Lime Limeade from concentrate but a bit off, funky & old, real lime and some zest – Dave  

Bad lime juice from your fridge – Concrete 

1130 3% – Dave 

5% – Concrete 

FA Lime Tahiti Cold Pressed  Freshly squeezed lime juice at 1%, good for cocktails – Cheeba 

Unsweetened, lime juice, DOES NOT FADE – Dave 

Can be balanced with a more candied lime quite well, could be a stand in for a lime zest note – Concrete 

1133 .5% 1% – Em 

2% – Dave 

4% = Harsh – Dave 

 FA Lime – Distilled Shaper, skin of the lime – Emily 

Lime zest on top of a thin soda base, with a thin fizzy feel, slightly harsh, thin, metallic taste – Dave 

A thin syrup, hard sugar sweetness – Concrete 

FW natural Key Lime Distracting amount of sweetness behind the zest note – Concrete 

Didn’t taste natural, too sweet, very sweet, good key lime pie, or a sweet lime juice – Dave 

1145 3-6%  
TFA Key Lime Pie Terrible, not like a key lime pie, total dud, pie crust with rubber bands in it, bitter, stringent and harsh with rubberbands – Dave 1142  
INW Shisha Lime Much zestier, lighter syrup, some lemon in it, sweet – Dave 

At 2% sweet limeade, a bit of lemon in the body, not a replacement for the “old” inw lime, fairly vibrant – Concrete 

1150 2 – 3% 
Nude Nicotine Key Lime Pie Filling Accurate to its name, smooth, creamy, fairly linear, – Cheeba 1153 3-5% 
FW Hawaian Limeade Hate it, 75% Hawaiian punch, spiked with lime, off note cherry flavor – Dave 1155 At 4% 
VT Persian Lime Cross between cold pressed and distilled, feels like the avg of lime flavors, solid, sweetness picks up with a steep – Concrete 

A better for most uses distilled lime, lime zest up top, a lot less fizzy and a lot more limey cold pressed, body is thinner, some tartness, not overly sweet, not harsh, doesn’t fade – Dave 

1156 2 – 4% 
INW Cactus Lime Cactus & Lime together – old version 75% cactus & 25% lime – Concrete 1200  


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  1. Great show again you guys. As a german I have to say that I was not “amused” by the Hitler-comment but I know it was supposed to be “fun”. :-D Anyways, I really appreciate your work and content on YouTube. Keep it up guys!

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