Water-Malone now released as One-Shot by LiquidBarn!




Sweet, Ripe, Natural Watermelon, with Perfect Sweetness, Perfect Texture, and Perfect Body. No Watermelon Has Been this Refined.



Today I'm releasing, in partnership with Liquid Barn, my newest One-Shot for their "Tastemaker" Series. Water-Malone. When they approached me to come up with recipes to release for this new line, Water-Malone was high on that list. It's easily my most refined fruit recipe yet. You can even check out the full, and exact, recipe here. By utilizing FLV's Watermelon (in my opinion one of the only authentic watermelon's available that actually contain enough flavor), I was able to build my perfect watermelon profile. Too often, watermelon vapes and flavors are candied, and extremely sweet sometimes even touching upon floral or "perfumey". I wanted a watermelon that captured the true essence of the fruit, from its subtle sweetness, to its slightly tropical top notes, all the way down to its mealy, ripe, texture. This is that recipe. Pick it up here, and be sure to use code DIYORDIE for 15% (can be used all throughout LiquidBarn's site). Also, feel free to leave any comments or thoughts about the recipe or the one-shot down below. 



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  1. Does the one shot contain Super Sweet? The recipe percentage is 10.50%, but the one shot percentage is 10%.. Maybe the missing 0.5% is Super Sweet?

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