Simple Blue Raspberry Candy Recipe (DIY E-liquid Recipes)

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Simple Blue Raspberry Candy

OTHREthyl Maltol0.25%
STEEPShortShake & Vape

This recipe is really just a simple and sweet, Blue Raspberry Candy recipe that has a ton of vivid fruit flavors backed up by a nice sweetness and cotton candy notes. These types of candies are great for beginner vapers, or those who aren’t as adventurous with their flavor profiles. One of my favorite recipes I’ve made is Misty, and it uses a lot of what’s learned here in that recipe, so check it out. Also pick up the One-Shot if you enjoy it!

Flavor Notes:

FLV Boysenberry: This is the flavoring that really makes the blue raspberry. When Colton, way back when I first started the site, figured out how close boysenberry was to the actual flavor of Blue Raz, it was a wrap. Using this at 5% will produce a very vivid boysenberry flavor, that’s sweet, and candy like, and then adding a touch more raz and cotton candy to it will set it over the top.

LA Raspberry: I chose this raspberry because I like how it does have a bit of naturality to it, but it’s also sweet and won’t distract from the boysenberry. Using it at 4.5% is actually a bit light, since this flavoring is a bit weak, but we don’t need it to do much. Just influence the boysenberry enough to emulate blue raz.

Ethyl Maltol: Using TFA or FW Cotton Candy here is just fine, like I did in the video. This is where we start to turn the fruits into more of a candy profile. Only a dab will do ya. Going overboard will surely mute your recipe and get you in trouble.

(Optional) Sweetener: If you want a profile that’s closer to a Blue Raz Jolly Rancher, then feel free to use CAP Super Sweet at 0.5%. I didn’t think it needed too much sweetness, so I opted for FW Sweetener at 0.25%. It’s plenty.


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