Where have I been!?

Sup DIYorDIE Fam. Just wanted to fill you in on what I’ve been doing the past few days. I’m currently working on a small project with Liquid Barn! I’m not exactly sure how much I can say, but the project involves me heading out to a different top E-liquid producers and mixers, interviewing them in a fully produced set up, all to be edited for your viewing pleasure. The recent interview I just conducted was with Gary Riddle of Mr. Good Vape, which is all the way out in Yucca Valley, California. Pretty much the exact opposite side of the country. Liquid Barn and I drove out an extra 3 hours from my hotel to the depths of So-Cal, through the curvy desolate desert roads, to meet Gary. We’ve talked to him before on ITMPodcast and being able to head out to his home lab to chat about our upcoming one-shot project, the future of commercial ejuice, and the DIY community, was nothing short of awesome. But what you will notice when the mini-doc comes out, is how Gary lives and thinks. I think this is vital to understanding the creativity of someone and how their lifestyles influence their work.


So I just got back from this small adventure. The likes of which you can see all the behind the scenes on my Facebook Page, as well as my instagram @diyordievaping. For next month, the featurette will be on Moi. But after my feature, then its back on the road to capture a few more interesting interviews. Make sure to follow me on my social media to keep up with everything that going on with this project. Throughout this piece, there will be more insights, and even some giveaways. I hope you enjoy this series once its released. Just remember, Keep Mixing, Much Love!

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