Quick Tips: Other Custard Flavors; How To Manage Multiple Recipes; Company Ripped Me Off!

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Today’s video I answer some emails from you. Someone asks about other Custards than CAP and TFA, we get a question about how to manage multiple recipes at once, and then we find out if this company ripped off a mixer or if he just messed up! Check it out and subscribe if you want to see more videos on DIY Eliquid Mixing.

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  1. Hi bro, I ask you in one of your podcast if you try the flavor “moonies” by The Milkman, I found this recipe for the same flavor for DIY:
    The flavors is much richer than the original moonies but I am afraid about the caution in some flavor like: Butter (TPA) , Dairy Milk (TPA) , Marshmallow (TPA) , Vanilla Cupcake (TPA)
    This flavors have the caution that contains Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl, in the proportion in the recipes are this dangerous flavors?

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