Noted: Ep. 34 – Gummy Candies (DIY E-liquid Flavoring Review)

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CAP – 27 Fish/ Cap – 27 Bears /TFA Gummy Candy /FW Gummi Bear /TFA Swedish Fish /FA Black Touch /FLV Peach Gummi /FW Gummy Candy /FW Red Licorice /FW Swedish Fish Type /LB Sour Gummy /RF Gummy Candy /RF Sour Gummy Pur Gummy /TFA Red Licorice /WF Gummy Worm Candy /WF Gushy Fruit Candy /WF Sour Gummy /WF Peach Gummy /WF Sour Watermelon Candy

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  1. Is it possible to sum up the results of the video in text to refer back to instead of re-watching the entire video to get information of one flavor?

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