Let’s Mix: S’mores (DIY E-liquid Recipe)

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Gimme S’more

S’mores are a campfire treat that includes a toasted marshmallow and a piece of chocolate smushed between two pieces of graham cracker. These flavors compliment each other so well, like peanut butter and jelly, and its hard to deny how good a s’mores is. So naturally, people have been trying to make it into a vape! Fortunately, I have a recipe for you that should help satisfy that sweet-tooth of yours, and ultimately help you out on your own journey of creating a better version.

TFAGraham Cracker Clear3%
FWGraham Cracker1%
OTHAcetyl Pyrazine0.5%
JFMilk Chocolate1.5%
FWVanilla Bean Ice Cream2%

The Graham Layer

First is creating a great graham cracker base. We need something that will not only have a nice baked flavor, but also include texture. That texture is what’s going to stick out in the vape and sell the authenticity. I started of with FA Cookie at 0.5% to get the ball rolling, which it has a great cookie flavor, but more importantly some nice texture. A touch of Acetyl Pyrazine will boost that texture to becoming so much more prominent. Then we need to fill its flavor out with TFA Graham Cracker Clear at 3% and FW Graham Cracker at 1%. If you only have one of them, that should be fine. Ultimately, we’re looking for a textured, gritty, nondescript bakery base to put everything on top of.

The Chocolate

Next is the chocolate. I really enjoy JF Milk Chocolate and it’s since been my goto. Using it here at only 1.5% is plenty to make the chocolate present within the vape, but not completely overrun both the graham cracker and the easily hidden marshmallow. Feel free to use any chocolate you enjoy most, as long as you’re delicate and you keep it light.

The Marshmallow

Finally the marshmallow. Naturally, it makes sense to use TFA Toasted Marshmallow, but I find it too visible in the mix and taking too much attention. So I decided to let the graham cracker and chocolate influence the flavor of the marshmallow, while I ensure its fluffy and sweet. I did this by using FA Marshmallow and Meringue at 1%. This creates an extremely fluffy and sweet marshmallow flavor with a light “toasted almond” accent that simulates a charred marsh. But it was too thin to stand against the other bolder layers so I included the FW Vanilla Bean Ice Cream at 2% to give it some weight and it worked wonders.


Finally what you get is a delicious s’mores vape. Now, it’s not exactly perfect. This recipe tastes more like if you took a smores and just crushed it up. While you can taste all the layers we put in the recipe, we can’t quite taste the difference between them. This is something I’m working on. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or recipes to help us make the perfect s’mores, please feel free to leave your comments below! Till then, this is a great stand in that I’m sure will impress anyone at the campgrounds.



  1. Ah. And the whole why not toasted marshmallow makes even more sense now. Cool.
    Cue even more flavors I’ma hafta get. Not that I’m complaining.

    Means even more tasty things to come.

  2. If using only FW -Graham cracker what % should I use? I don’t have the TFA. Also I still have some of the original INW – Milk Chocolate. Not the new bad one. What % would you recommend for that? Instead of the JF. Thanks Wayne you rock man!

  3. Just a slight addition, but I really enjoy adding 1-2 drops of FA Black Fire to my smores. I find it gives a “true” toast to my marshmallow, giving it a campfire feel. I love the end result.

  4. Try D-Rudd by 80V. It may provide some inspiration. It’s the only commercial S’mores I thought even came close. I do get an off note that I can’t place my finger on, but still quite good.

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