Flavor Talk: CAP 27 Fish; TFA/FW Red Licorice; TFA Swedish Gummy

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TFA/FW Red Licorice:

These flavorings are very similar to eachother. They aim to emulate Twizzlers or Red Licorice Vines. they do a good job at doing so as well. I don’t really recommend soloing these, but if you do,  7 – 9% is a good starting point. Just make sure to steep to burn off some of the off notes. Mixing it at 2 – 4% is more recommended. These are best to use as a base for Twizzlers recipes. Not very chewy in texture, but can be worked on a bit to help bring more of that out. Lastly, off-notes are sometimes present. These flavorings are a bit harsh and sometimes I pick up heavy chemical notes. So make sure to keep these simple in order to get the best out of them.

TFA Swedish Gummy

Similar to Red Licorice, just without the sharpness, harshness, and has a better more accurate flavor. It’s also much more subtle and sweet, which to me is a pro. There’s a nice chewy texture to this ingredient, though not as prominent as I’d hoped. A touch of vanilla usually helps that out. Because this is a softer candy flavor, it’s best used as a mixer. 2 – 4% is the sweet spot, but if you want to solo, move up to 5 – 7%. Just be careful because it can sometimes mute recipes.

CAP (SL) 27 Fish

This flavoring is a touch more superior to TFA’s version. I find myself using this one much more than TFA’s these days. Mainly because I find this flavoring a bit more accurate, and has much less of the negatives TFA’s offering brings. While it doesn’t have the “chew” that TFA has, again, it’s an easy fix. Great as a solo from 7 – 9% and even better when mixed at 3 – 6% with flavorings that compliment it. Excellent flavoring for beginners who want a candy profile, because of how easy it is to work with.


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