My Top 5 Best E-liquid Recipes of 2017

5. Folkart - Boss Reserve Clone

This was easily the best clone in 2017, and could be one of the best, and most pivotal clones in the history of DIY. This is a clone of Cuttwood's popular Boss Reserve, but capitalizes on the original in almost every way. With FLV Milk and Honey as the main component, it creates a vivid, and rich experience that's quite accurate to the original source material, but also gives a more vivid and flavorful experience. This is a recipe that will surely bring in tons of new mixers to come. Excellent work. 

4. Shyndo - Mango Sticky Rice

Shyndo, a mixer who had a really break out year in 2017, has been putting out many impressive and complex recipes to the public, thanks to his culinary background. But this recipe is by far his most impressive. Mango Sticky Rice is a recipe that builds upon one of 2017's most hyped flavors, FE Sweet Rice. It's a bright and tangy mango flavor, laid atop this silk smooth and rich coconut milk-like base, finished with that starchy sweet rice profile. And its a banger. While I don't think it's going to be a hit for everyone, FE Sweet Rice is quite polarizing, I think those looking for this profile will feel like there is none better. Easily one of my favorite recipes of this year.

3. ID10-T - Mango Blossom Macaron

Another mango makes the list. This time from one of the most respected mixers in the game, and previously nominated Best Mixer, ID10-T. What I love so much about this recipe is how it's the culmination of Dave's talents all smushed into one recipe. It's got a deliciously light and subtle macaron base, filled with this slightly fragrant and slightly tangy mango, with light accents that fill the recipe. It's an experience vaping this stuff, and it's my favorite of ID10-T's. If you're a fan of Rhodonite, or just desserts in general, check this one out if you're looking for a recipe that will show you what you can do in DIY. 

2. Fear - Cardinal

Fear, nominated in a previous award, makes the list with one of the years more impressive, and addicting simple recipes. Cardinal is an RY4, that touches on the caramel, and vanilla, but also incorporates a bit more aromatic tobacco notes that will introduce thousands of mixers into the world of tobaccos. Not every recipe needs 15 different ingredients to be of excellence, and this is a great example of that. That said, there was another of his recipes in contention. And that was his Abuela. This is a much more intricate and advanced tobacco, that was stunning in almost every facet. If you want an RY4, make cardinal, if you want a tobacco, make Abuela.

1. RageisalotofWork - Sad Lad Toast Crunch

This recipe, released a bit earlier in the year, was a phenomenon when it dropped. Everyone had to get a piece of sadlad. The profile is a spot on recreation of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and the milk that's left over. My favorite aspect of this recipe is that light texture you get from cinnamon toast crunch, that's displayed here. The Cereal 27 and Rice Crunchies do a great job of creating that cereal flavor, and the toasted marshmallow combined with the sweet cream and cream fresh create a fluffy, rich, milk that keeps you coming back. This recipe touches all those boxes, accuracy, flavor, it has that special quality that makes you come back to it, very popular, hype, and then you factor in that Rage even commissioned a piece of artwork for the recipe release, just shows that extra level of care taken into this recipe. And for all those reasons, it's my favorite of the year. 

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