YouTube is FUCKED

I owe much of my success to YouTube. A platform that allows me to use their bandwidth at no cost, to upload any type of video I deem fit for my channel. Because this platform exsists, with such a large user base, I was able to build my brand into what it is today. I love YouTube. I consider myself a YouTuber. But at the same time, sometimes YouTube makes me want to pull my hair out.

I will be completely demonetizing my videos from now on. This is unwillingly. While I never made much money from YouTube, it was enough to help pay some of my bills in order to run a channel like mine. I don’t think people quite understand the costs associated with DIYorDIE, just as a YouTube entity. It’s damn expensive and YouTube ads helped mitigate some of that burden at no cost, other than time and a slight inconvenience, to the audience. But something happened along the way with YouTube, where almost 99% of my videos were demonetized. After months of trying to remonetize them to help recoup a lot of the lost revenue, I’ve given up. YouTube wins. What really throws salt in the wound, is that now a lot of my videos are being taken down for one reason or another. I’ve had a video taken down for absolutely no reason at all. No reason was given, and it took weeks for that video to get reuploaded. I’m not sure if its the type of content I’m providing, or the type of language my videos can sometimes contain. I’ll never know because YouTube like to do things secretly. It’s all been a headache.

Anyways, the reason I’m writing this post is to inform you all that you can all enjoy my videos ad free from now on. I will be working on other ways to get that revenue back through other ways. Maybe you will start to see some sponsored content, much like how Squarespace sponsors tons of creators. Maybe you’ll start seeing my own personal ads in videos. Whatever it may be, just know that I’m doing so unwillingly. I would love to get to a place where the site can basically run itself at no cost to anyone, but YouTube just made it much harder. I’ll stop crying now.


  1. i guess its your language. Youtube dont wanna hear you saying “fuck” when you monetizing.
    some big company complained about rude language in the videos they “financed”

    at least its what i can tell you about germany

  2. No worries Wayne. Use the first 30 seconds of a video for sponsor advertisement. Anyone with half a brain should understand that it costs money to make these videos we all love. Equipment, DIY ingredients, Internet, it all adds up to an enormous bill. I paid my $30 on here to assist. (I was surprised it was only $30 for the vast resources it opens up) keep it up, and sponsor the shit out of those videos.

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