Vlog: The Carrot Cake Man pt. 1

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The Carrot Cake Man

Here are the new “Developed” vlogs/blogs that I was talking about before. The first profile we’re tackling is the Carrot Cake Man’s Carrot Cake. Now the Carrot Cake man is something like a legend in Philadelphia. He’s a self-learned baker that owned his own shop for over 20 years, but has since been selling his “wares” around the streets in Philadelphia. My plan is to get a hold of one of these secret, and magical, carrot cakes, and try to emulate that in an eliquid. I want to take you along the entire journey. From finding the Carrot Cake Man, to testing the original, to developing the recipe, to who knows, maybe even selling as a one shot. The whole idea is to just take you on this ride of flavor discovery. So let’s embark on this journey together!

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