Mixer of the Year 2017

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5. mlNikon

Emily had a wonderful year in 2017. She’s definitely one of the mixers this year that I think garnered tons of attention throughout the entire community, thanks to her persistence in delivering great, unique, and intricate recipes, as well as a steady stream of content. Her recipes all have a unique edge to them that really accentuates what she can do as a mixer. And in all, she just encompasses what it means to be a mixer and a diy community member.

Click Here for mlNikon’s Recipes

4. Kopel

Christopher Kopel really threw it down in 2017. He was such a prominent force in the DIY scene, saturating the community with high quality recipes, notes, commentary, as well as content and products. His work with EJuiceMakers helped give him a platform to jump from, and it allowed his work with florals to penetrate the mainstream. The King of Florals in my opinion. But his work on his podcast, MixLife, as well as making appearances on other podcasts and putting together an actual eliquid line, all cement his name on the list. Excellent year for Kopel

Click Here for Kopel’s Recipes

3. Fear

Much like in the Mixer for Impact award, Fear hits the list for his extensive work with tobaccos. Really changing the way a lot of mixers look and treat tobaccos. He released an immense amount of very high quality, and critically acclaimed, recipes this year, which throw him on the list. One of the only members on the list who is mainly here for the sheer quality of recipes alone. But that’s not to say he’s lazy. He’s also a prominent member of the community, and also starting his own podcast, right here on the InTheMix Podcast Network. I expect big things from Fear next year.

Click Here for Fear’s Recipes

2. ID10-T

Dave lands in the second place spot, but that’s not to say he wasn’t one of the most impressive, productive, and progressive mixers we’ve seen in a long time. Just looking at recipes, ID10-T was able to take the win in the DIYorDIE World Heavyweight Mixing Championship with his stunning display of careful and deliberate recipe development. He also created some of the years finest recipes. But this is all on top of much of the other work he’s doing. Moderating the DIY subreddit, which has since had a resurgence. Spearheading the Noted Podcast, one of the years breakout new shows. Putting together one shots, as well as recipes packs with BullCityFlavors. Dave really made himself known this year, and that’s the reason he’s one of 2017’s best mixers.

Click Here for ID10-T’s Recipes

1. Concrete RiverĀ 

Rick wins again! Not only was he the year’s most impactful mixer, but in my opinion (as well as many others’) he’s also the years best. ConcreteRiver, best known for his flavor notes, has put together a stunning library of flavor knowledge this year, amounting to over 300+ individual notes, with over 700+ total pages. All for exactly no charge. We have never seen this type of dedication, persistence, nor patience, before in DIY. But that wasn’t just it. He was also able to create many intricate, and favorited recipes, run his own YouTube channel, host on his podcast MixLife, appear on many other podcasts, all while putting together his line of one-shots and flavor packs. Just an extremely impressive showing from Rick this year, that will be very hard to beat. And that’s the reason he’s the mixer of the year.

Click Here for ConcreteRiver’s Recipes

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