Welcome to 2018 (And the new Blog Section)

So I started off 2018 already on the wrong foot with me being terribly ill. Almost all week I’ve been nursing a vicious fever, but now I’m finally get some of my energy back. Unfortunately, this has already put me behind on my release schedule. But that’s OK because it’s a new year and a new me! (I hate that saying).

Mainly I want to update you all on this section of the website. The “Blog” section. I put it on the site a few months ago and only added a few articles to it. Well, this new year I want to add to almost every day. The reason being, I want you all to be able to track what I’m doing in terms of recipe development. Many of you want videos that take you on my journey in how I craft recipes and flavor profiles. But because the production is usually across many days, it’s not very practical. The best way for me to do it is through a blog section that I can update periodically. So that’s the main point of this section.

The other point is to just update you on what I’m doing and other things I’m working on. This is where I can tie in my other project waynemakesthings.com which is my personal website. This will also bring along a new podcast that I’m starting for 2018 that is about community building and content creation. If you’re into that sort of thing. Overall, I just want to embed myself a bit closer to you all, without disrupting the YT channel too much. So I hope you will enjoy these new blog posts! Also, make sure to sign up for the newsletter to stay updated on everything going on. Much Love.

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