Let’s Mix: My Custard


This custard has changed forms a few times. The first time I started putting it together, it began as a custard pie. But once it was put together it didn’t quite impress me. It tasted like every other custard I’ve had and it just didn’t quite feel like “mine.” Then I started mixing up a traditional custard. One that just resembles the like of Killa Kustard or whatever those extremely rich and eggy custards tasted like. But still I wasn’t too impressed. What changed was when I got a hold of one of my favorite new e-liquids this year. Country Clouds Corn Bread Pudding. This eliquid changed the way I looked at my custard. I loved the sweet corn aspect of the juice. The corn, while not very prominent, was definitely present and perfectly added this level of starch I think adds to the overall experience of the eliquid. So I figured I take some of its inspirations and add it to the custard I was working on.

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It tasted like every other custard I’ve had and it just didn’t quite feel like “mine.”

The Recipe

CAPVanilla Custard v18%
TFASweet Cream1%
FWYellow Cake2%
INWShisha Vanilla1.75%
CAPSuper Sweet0.5%
STEEP LONG 2 Weeks Min. 

The Flavor Notes

CAP Vanilla Custard v1: This is the main profile of the custard. I’ve tried almost all of them. None of them quite capture the feel, flavor, and experience, CAPVCv1 captures after a full steep. Unfortunately, the steep is the only issue with it. Because this flavoring is at 8%, it produces such a thick, rich, eggy custard, at the expense of time. Make sure you vape this recipe no less than a two week steep. But once the steep comes through the custard develops into something so delicious. Not too mention the other ingredients involved and how they cater to the custard.

INW Shisha Vanilla: Adding INW Shisha Vanilla adds more to the vanilla in the mix. With just CAPVCv1, the vanilla flavor is rather subdued and a bit hidden. The shisha vanilla helps bring it out much more, and help keep that vanilla profile at the top. We don’t need much to do that either. Just 1.75% is plenty.

TFA Sweet Cream: This is the last ingredient in the “custard layer”. Adding some extra Acetyl Propionyl and some light dairy notes, helps give the custard more of a sweetened, condensed milk feeling, without compromising the richness of the egg flavor. 1% is what I’m using it at because we don’t want to completely overload the recipe. Just need a touch.

FW Yellow Cake: Like I mentioned previously, I was looking to add some sort of cookie layer to the custard in my first few renditions. But I settled upon yellow cake to add somewhat of a shortbread like flavor to the mix and help soak in some of that “butter” flavor that exudes from the custard. This is definitely a flavor that does best after a long steep as well. We’re using 2% to get its full flavor and mouthfeel here.

FLV Popcorn: This is the more surprising ingredient of the bunch. This is what obviously adds the corn flavor to the mix. At any percentage higher than 0.75%, you taste somewhat of a burnt popcorn note that just doesn’t quite fit in in the flavor of the custard. But at 0.75%, after a steep, it perfectly blends with the vanilla, the shortbread, and the egg, by lending somewhat of light sweet corn flavor. It’s what helps change this custard from something traditionally boring, to something completely new and refreshing.

(optional) CAP Super Sweet: In my opinion, in order for the corn to work the way I need it to in this mix, you need to add some extra sweetness to the mix, and CAP Super Sweet is the easiest choice. Without the custard feels a bit more buttery and oily. Just add in 0.5% and it works out beautifully.



  1. I might mix this up with TFA Kettle Corn because it’s hard to get FLV Popcorn here in Europe Not even Chef’s have it.Hopefully that doesn’t ruin the recipe

  2. Tried it with Cap popcorn at 1.25 & its verry good. If i find some flv ill def remix it that way. But even with cap’s popcorn i find it worth remixing. Thk u sir for this exellent recipe.

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