Strawberry Jam Monster is HARD!

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One of the more popular requests for Remix Month is Strawberry Jam Monster. It’s a big 100ml bottle full of strawberry syrup jam notes, some light toast, and a shit load of sweetener. Vaping the very disappointing blueberry Jam Monster, it was at least an easy remix. CAP Blueberry Jam being the main note and the rest is really up to the mixer to complete. But, this one is a different story. For one…I actually enjoy it. I think it does Strawberry Jam better than any other juice I’ve had. It’s also one of the more unique strawberries I’ve tasted in an e-liquid. Then you get the rest of the flavor which contains an interesting toast or bakery note, that seals the deal. It’s extremely sweet, almost nauseatingly sweet. But it does live up to its name. So its safe to say I was surprised with this e-liquid. But that’s not what this quick piece is about. It’s about how I’m completely stumped.

The Strawberry

Like I mentioned previously, the strawberry jam flavor they use in this recipe is what makes it so good. It’s sticky, sweet, and undoubtedly jammy. The issue for me when it comes to remixing, is that its quite unique. Using the traditional, TFA Strawberry, TFA Ripe, and CAP Sweet Strawb, it doesn’t quite nail the deep redness of this e-liquid. I just can’t quite pinpoint the formula their using to give them this flavor. At times I taste CAP Sweet Strawberry and FA Strawberry. At times TFA Strawberry with INW Shisha Strawberry. Nonetheless, it’s nothing too noteworthy, just a bit more strenuous than I previously thought it would be. What I think is happening, is that Jam Monster is using a flavoring like TFA Cranberry or some type of Pomegranate, to infuse a jammy flavor into the recipe. I’m still working out some things, but it is quite distressing!

The Butter and Bread

And even on the other end of the vape with the toast and butter aspects, I can’t quite nail those either. I see a lot of people who tried cloning this recipe using TFA/FW Waffle, but I don’t quite think thats the answer. The original has a very pungent butter smell from it, but when vaped, I don’t quite notice it. Maybe they’re using a specific bakery that incorporates all those notes. I would be hard pressed to think this recipe is more complex than 4 flavors, but who knows at this point.

The Others

Now the rest of the e-liquids seem to be pretty easy in terms of remixing. The only other recipe I think I will have a difficult time remixing is Looper. It suffers from the same symptom Jam Monster has and that’s I can’t quite pinpoint what flavoring is its main note. Anyways, just wanted to update ya’ll on what I’m doing for # Remixmonth.

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