Let’s Mix: Milk Plus by Bonzai Vapors #REMIXMONTH (DIY E-liquid Clone)

Milk Plus by Bonzai Vapors #REMIXMONTH


This is a remix of Bonzai Vapors Milk Plus Profile is a Creamy Salted Caramel Drenched in Milk Check out the video here -> http://bit.ly/2yuBKLL


CAP Super Sweet     0.5%FW Caramel (salted)     3.5%TPA Caramel Candy     3%TPA Dairy/Milk     3%

Total Flavor: 10%

Milk Plus by Bonzai Vapors

Profile Notes:

This eliquid is actually pretty tasty. It's very subtle and light, which for some, will be a turn off. For some reason, they didn't go as far as to fill out the body of the vape. Everything basically remains on top. But what's on top is this stick caramel flavor, and on the end is a light dairy note. There's really nothing more than that. It's simple, it's light, and probably best of all, it's easy to vape. If you like caramel, check out my DIY E-liquid clone. Also, if you like subtle and light vapes. If you want full flavor, look elsewhere.

Flavor Notes:

FW Salted Caramel: This flavoring is the main note I get in this recipe. While by itself, it's not a very exciting flavor, when combined using the right enhancers, it can make for a nice vape. And that's what Bonzai did with Milk Plus. While the recipe is simple, they balanced out the other ingredients well to create a pleasant vape. I'm using it at 3.5% here to bring all the flavor we can from it, while not over flavoring. And for those who haven't tried this flavoring, check out my Full Notes Here

TFA Caramel Candy: This is actually the caramel I taste the most in this recipe. When you vape Milk Plus, you can taste the sweet, sharp, caramel at the top. Most caramels sit in the back, but this is one that comes forward. And when you pair it with FW Salted Caramel, you get a vibrant caramel flavor, almost exactly what we get in Milk Plus. 3% is all that's needed to give us what we need out of the mix and stand tall against the last ingredient. 

TFA Dairy/Milk: This is a flavoring you can just smell exude from Milk Plus. Using it at 3% might sound high, but when its blended against all the caramels it works. Especially after a nice steep. What this does is not really add a creaminess to the mix, but to just drench the caramel in a dairy note. It almost creates a nuttiness in the profile. 

CAP Super Sweet: This is optional, and I don't think Bonzai is using this in their mix because it's not very sweet nor vibrant. I'm adding it in to bring those caramels out a bit more and just add some much needed saturation in the mix. But I could be wrong, and they could be adding sweetener in. I wouldn't be surprised. 

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