Salted Caramel Apple RY4 – (FW) Salted Caramel FlavorBook Entry Recipe

FW Salted Caramel (FlavorBook Entry Recipe)


A Salted Caramel Apple RY4 recipe that has a nice soft and subtle apple flavor followed by a salted caramel and graham cracker finish Made for FlavorBook entry "FW Salted Caramel" ->


FW Caramel (salted)     5%FA Carmel (caramel)     1%INW Two Apples     1%JF RY4 Double     3%TPA Graham Cracker Clear     3%

Total Flavor: 13%

Light Apple. Salted Caramel. RY4

FW Salted Caramel is a unique and niche flavoring that has some really interesting qualities albeit a bit flawed. This recipe tries to highlight my favorite use for it. And that's in RY4 recipes to help bring out both the light tobacco notes as well as help lift the bakery/caramel notes in RY4's.

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Flavor Notes

FW Salted Caramel: Using this ingredient upwards at 5% is necessary to really bring all of its flavor to the table. Any lower and things taste just a bit too unidentifiable. Along with this the salted aspect of the vape seems to perk up the JF RY4 which is what I wanted in this mix since it has a great flavor. This flavoring also provides a lot of the recipes body which is enhanced by the graham, ry4, and FA caramel. Without this flavoring, you’ll find it lacks a specific punch it brings in here.

JF RY4 Double / TFA Graham Cracker: This combo creates the RY4 flavor that I love. I chose JF’s over TFA’s because I find JF works better to contrast apple or other fruits. Adding TFA Graham produces just a more bakery centered body to the mix. And the Salted Caramel helps enhance its top note as well.

FA Caramel: This ingredient’s sole purpose is to help Salted Caramel add more caramel flavor to the recipe. FA Caramel is thin and doesn’t quite carry the weight you’d expect from a caramel flavoring, but it does pack a nice sweet top note that’s present in any mix. And that’s the aspect of the flavoring I wanted to highlight in this recipe.

INW Two Apples: This is the apple portion of the recipe, obviously. I like Two Apples here because both the red and green apple flavor plays so well with caramels. Much better than FA Fuji, or anything like it, in my opinion. I didn’t want to pound the recipe with too much apple. I wanted to keep it as a light accent because I wanted the salted caramel and RY4 to take the stage. So 1% was all I needed.

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