1. I’ve been working on a remix of Buttermilk Pie by Primitive Vapor Co. I’d LOVE it if you’d remix it. I’ve got 2 recipes real close but I just can’t nail it.

  2. Hey i would really love u to do another naked100 your Hawaiian pog was very good my cousins favorite juice rite now he keeps asking me to mix him up 120s so I was hoping you could do my favorite naked100s green blast should be easy for you profile is pretty simple idk why its so good but it is i haven’t been able to find a good remix of it pls help love your channel and web site i renewed with the year subscription this time ive been following you for about 2 years now

  3. Hey Wayne, I would like to see a remix of Electric Lotus Compressor. It is my wife’s ADV and I enjoy it also. According to the website, Compressor is an all day everyday dream, composed of a proprietary apple butter with hints of Graham cracker, butterscotch with a cinnamon toast crunch finish.

  4. I’ve been trying forever to nail an Off The Record Rocks Off. It’s fruit pebbles marshmallow treat with a sweet cream icing. Tried yours and mansons, but neither were close and those were both closer than mine, lol.
    Also, Lunar Harvest Black. Just bought a bunch of berries in black Friday to try and figure it out.

    • Lunar harvest by vapors knoll

      Also campefire by Charlie’s chalk dust. It’s a unique profile, there’s nothing else like it. I’ve tried to remix but I don’t even know where to start.

  5. I would like to cast a vote for a remix of Taruto. It’s an awesome profile but a little too sweet. Here’s the description.
    Taruto by Yami Vapor is one of the most stunning flavors released this year, presenting a warm flaky crust dessert filled with rich, smooth, and sumptuous custard. Taruto is the perfect representation of one of the most popular desserts in all of Europe and Asia, known throughout the world as a Portuguese Egg Tart or Dan Ta in Asia. Yami Vapor Taruto is presented in ultra premium packaging.
    Doubt I’m alone, this is a tasty vape for a while till the sugar overloads you.

  6. One eliquid that I have been trying to recreate since I started DIYing is Drip Wich Butter Pecan Caramel. This is one that I will still purchase occasionally because I can’t come close to mixing it and can’t get enough of it. I used your Better Butter Pecan in working it, but in the end I am far away.

  7. Hi Wayne, i would like to see a remix of RKOI from Coil Spill… Its a Crips Strawberry Champagne… Thanks. Cheers from Portugal :)

  8. Namberjuice – Doughnut Pounder It’s a classic and at 50/50 its a great juice for the mtl devices! Thank you! Merry Christmas!

  9. “Hawk Sauce” by Mt Baker Vapor. By far their best selling juice, this one eludes me still. For years, the description has been along the lines of “Inspired by the Pacific Northwest, gives you hawk wings”, but in a revamp of their website they gave up this: “A tangled dance of blackberry, raspberry and sweet and sour gummi with a nice menthol finish.” They have both the juice and a “Flavor Shot” available, shoot me an email if you’d like me to send you some of each. “Remix month” is such a great idea. Thanks!

    • Here is a Hawk Sauce recipe.
      FA – Forest Fruit -3%
      FA – Fuji – 3%
      FW – Jungle Juice – 1%
      TFA – Sweetener – 1%
      10 day steep
      Hope this helps

      • Its interesting how many different ways people have tried to capture this profile. “To Koolada or not to Koolada?” I’ve had a lot of very vape-able FAILS trying to make Hawk Sauce. ;) Extremely jazzed you are going to do this one Wayne!

  10. Would love to get my hands on a remix recipe of Jam Monster (Strawberry). They hit the jam note perfectly with just the right balance of butter and toast throughout. Lets see what you got!

  11. Please remix kick bass vapor’s gooey butter cake. I’ve never gotten remotely close to making it, its quite a challenge for me.

  12. One of my all time favorites is Ronin’s Tsunami. The description is “Get swept away by a tidal wave of flavor! On initial inhale, the tantalizing mixture of citrus punch and Baja berries splash against your taste buds. Subtle, smooth undertones of tropical dew and blue raspberry ripples will truly leave your mouth watering for more.”

    I can’t figure it out!!!!!

    Also, anything from Adirondack would be amazing. I loved your Placid, but I also love Ticonderoga, Sagamore, but really, anything Adirondack. Thank you!!!!

  13. Hi Wayne, I’d like it if you would be able to remix Ruthless Grape Drank, it was one of my favourites when I first got into vaping.

  14. Hi Wayne,
    I’d love to see a remix of Anarchist White. It’s a profile I’ve been chasing for quite some time, and I’ve been completely lost by how simple it is in theory – a really dense marshmallow/cream with a graham cracker base, yet how i’ve been completely unable to get close. The original is also too sweet to be an ADV for me, but I looking past that, it’s one of my preferences when it comes to store bought juice. Here’s hoping you can get it closer.

  15. Hi Wayne,
    How about a remix of Alien Vapes’ Roswell? (Citrus, pomegranate, kiwi)
    Or Beard no.71? (Sweet & sour sugar peach)
    Much love from Belgium! ?

  16. Cloud Nine Royal Please!! I been trying to figure it out for a while now.
    Rich, decadent butter cream vanilla custard with sweet back notes.

  17. Wayne,
    This remix should be pretty easy for you — Banana Bondage By Adore Eliquids
    Voted 2nd best Ejuice of 2016
    I’d love to see your take on this profile =)
    Here’s the description:
    Sweet creamy old fashioned banana pudding surrounded with vanilla wafers and finished off with a touch of whipped cream.

  18. Your Brother’s Mango by Dead Sea is easily the best mango vape ive ever had. Ive tried to figure out whats in it but i’ve never had any luck.

  19. Hey Wayne, I would like to see a remix of Golden State Vapor’s Bananas Foster. It’s the best commercial juice I’ve tried and was my ADV. I’ve been mixing for over a year now and have yet been able to replicate it. Their description is a tantilizing authentic banana complimented by a brown sugar glaze made from brown sugar, spiced rum, cinnamon, and butter. Thanks!

  20. Hi Wayne! I would really appreciate to find a remix of King Crest’s Don Juan Reserve, it’s a very popular e-liquid in my country and a remix will help saving money to my family and friends. Much love from Spain!

    • +1 for the Don Juan Reserve by Kings Crest .. It’s got more sweetner than i like but really has a nice profile to it .. Got a bottle from my cuz he didn’t like it.. I will say it has something that just kept me coming back till it was gone … would love to see a close take on this For Sure TY in advance

  21. Hey Wayne I was the one that’s be asking and waiting so patiently For you to respond with a remix on Milk of the Poppy by Vapetasia. I’m in the process of watching your live stream as we speak.

  22. yup im going to ask for it, cosmic fog’s milk and honey. pretty sure its TFA’s gingerbread (not gingerbread cookie) at like 1%, and TFA banana nut bread at like 2 with some peanutbutter. just cant nail the cream base. or if thats out of the question naked 100’s very cool (blueberry,blackberry,raspbery)

    • addendum: i actually think it is TFA gingerbread cookie 1-2%, TFA peanutbutter 0.85%, and TFA vanilla bean ice cream 3-4%. maybe TFA banana bread. there is something to the cookie and cream base ive not been able to nail.

  23. Hi Wayne,
    My wife is crazy about Alien Vape CATALINA, and you know how much that stuff costs right? I’ve tried to remix it and getting closer, but still not quite there yet. Maybe you would like to help
    me out?
    You can find my attempt on AllTheFlavors “Screwed Catalina”. I would really appreciate the help buddy, much love and respect.

  24. Yay! Your remix of Naked Hawaiian POG is soooo good. If you could remix Sour Sweet from their Naked Candy line it would be awesome.

  25. Wayne, I was recently at a vape convention in Raleigh, NC to meet with a Modding Group i am part of. Since I DIY most of my e-liquids, I wanted to try some of the commercial e-liquids while I was there to see if there was any that I would define as a gem. I found two but the one that reminded me that not all commercial e-liquids suck was Skweezed Milk Tea. I tried e-liquids all day that day and I did not think that I would find one that was as tasty and intriguing and this Milk Tea did and I tried about all of the samples there. This e-liquid really impressed me and that is not easy to do and especially a commercial e-liquid because they mostly end up being cloying or weird tasting to me. As much as I mix and as long as I have, I have no clue how this was pulled off. Yea it’s tea and you would think it would be simple but it’s not, at least for me, I am still in the works remixing this amazing e-liquid. I hope you find time to check this one out.

    • The samples I tried were zero nicotine and I’m glad you mentioned their low quality nicotine selection. I ordered some at 3mg nic and it was not quite up to par as the 0 nicotine that I tried at the show.It was a bit more bitter and not as smooth. So I ordered o nicotine and added my own nicotine salts and that worked out fine. Too bad that is the route I had to get past a companies bad choice of nicotine.

  26. Hi Wayne!

    I did email you about Remix Month asking if you could do a remix of Cornflake Tart by Dinner Lady. I’m also hoping you would get inerested into Churrios by The Milkman Eliquid and Crumbleberry by The Milkman Eliquid as well.

    Can’t wait to get new recipes to try! Let’s have fun for Remix Month!


  27. Hi Wayne this one might be very interesting to you.
    I was at vapejam uk a couple years ago and i picked up a 10ml bottle of a juice called mutant it was a french company and i cannot find them anymore.
    Anyway this mutant juice was a Bread , butter and strawberry jam sandwich.

    This flavour was absolutely incredible it left a really nice buttery strawberry on the after taste. It tasted exactly like eating a strawberry butter sandwich.

    This would be amazing if you can get this right

    Thanksssssss :)

  28. Hey Wayne, i would love to see a remix of C.R.E.A.M. VIII. They say its a custard but it doesnt taste anything like it. Its more like a sweet buttery vanilla cake with strawberry. I’m looking for recipe that kinda thastes like that since i started diy (like 1 year ago). But i cant find anything like it. Ive also tried to create it myself but didnt even get close. So i would realy like seeing this one get featured.

  29. Hey Wayne, I follow you daily I really enjoy your mixes. I would really like you to clone Mt Baker Vapor Huckleberry ice cream, or Zeus juice Vanilla cotton candy. I have gotten close but I am missing something. The Huckleberry ice cream is a mix of sweet berries and a dark cream with cone. And the vanilla cotton candy has FA vanilla Tahiti in it but I can’t find a good cotton candy. I have tried TFA,CAP,FW and I can’t find a good cotton candy. Pop Clouds Cotton candy ejuice is the cotton candy taste I want. Its just a nice cotton candy and nothing eles.Could you recommend a good cotton candy flavoring brand? No one has posted a good cotton candy recipe yet. But If anyone could do it , it would be you.

  30. I have been trying to remix Alien Visions – Very Berry Blue but I can’t get the blueberry combo to work. my girlfriend can’t stop talking about it, please save me from my headache.

    Thanks Wayne

  31. Hey Wayne, check out dragons candy by vape daugz. Sweet treat of vanilla, blueberry, cotton candy melt in your mouth goodness. Sooo fn good but cant pay $24 40ml

  32. Hey Wayne. I have been trying to Re mix Creamy blonde by Aloha Vapes for 2 years. I have gotten close, but their is just something i am missing and i cannot just figure out to save my life. I would appreciate the rry if you could tey your hand at it, its a simple recipe but its hard to hit. They are a popular company here in Arizona, everybody orders from them. They are located in Hawaii and they make DELICIOUS e liquids and im shocked they arent well known. They do sweeteners PERFECTLY! If you can try it or not thanks for all you do Wayne!

  33. Hey Wayne, I just asked you in the podcast but I’ll nominate it here anyways.
    I would LOVE you to remix ANML’s Looper.
    As I mentioned in the podcast, its not available in Europe anymore since the TPD kicked in back in March and me and my friends are really missing it. Anyways, keep up the amazing work.

  34. Hey wayne, first off just wanted to say how much respect and appreciation i have for your hard work and dedication to the diy community (and the rest of the people working within the diyordie network)

    Ok so my all time favorite hype/premium juice maker has to be drip social and premium labs, both have some stellar juices. So i have two suggestions from each manufacturers:

    Dragon Grahams by Vape Social – A sweet and tart dragon fruit cream, blanketing a warm graham cracker sprinkled with brown sugar. (60ml)

    Dragon Tears by Premium Labs – Dragon fruit and added berries drenched in sweet cream

    I also have a couple honorable mentions (all from drip social): Lemon Grahams, Strawberry Vapepokee.

  35. Vape Goons Sweet Nipples. Honeydew poprocks. One of my first loves. Went back to it after I got into diy and it’s delicious! However I would tone down the sweetener a lot! Hope this gets remixed. I’ll send you a bottle if you want.

  36. A.S.A.P. by The Mamasan

    A tart green apple hard candy flavor, a strawberry chewy candy flavor and a peach gummy candy flavor combined together all kissed with a cool exhale.

    I absolutely love this flavor. I believe they’re using WS-23 as the cool exhale but I’ve tried just about every apple and peach flavor I can find and nothing comes close. It’s a fantastic profile and there’s nothing like it.

    Would really like to see an expert take a crack at it. I’ll gladly send you a bottle for reference.

  37. I would love to have to see the classics of the game be made. Looper (my name is matthew and im a cereal addict), muffin man or rocket man by OHW, and u already know kings crest Duchess.

  38. This might be a hard one. No one has ever tried to clone or remix it, i have yet to find a single recipe . It’s called Geoffs Blend by Tasty Vapor. It taste like juicy fruit and big red. It’s fruity and sweet cinnamon. Kind of a odd combo but it works. It’s what got me off cigs 10 years ago.

  39. Beard 32 has been a Great White Whale to myself and a lot of others on the boards. There is a Mainstream approach that starts with FW’s Cinn Roll and Cinn Churro at 7%. After that it plays out with 5% FW Bavarian Cream, 1% Brown Sugar, and 1% Banana Nut Bread, and a half % TFA Cinn Spice, finally sweetener. Last month I subbed out the Banana Nut Bread with 1.5 % FW Blueberry Waffle, (Which is FIRE when solo at 4% with .5% Sucralose). That was damn close. Fact is, I like this recipe better than the original….. An Ode to Beard 32……

    • That is 7% each, … of course… and maybe 2% on the brown Sugar. The Profile is a Cinnamon Funnel Cake. The elusive part, for myself is a buttery note at the end, or what is the last flavor to subside when you vape it. Thanks Wayne for all you do and please do another mixathon for charity at the end of the month. It is an awesome gesture.

  40. Please do Kiberry yogurt. It’s the juice that got me in to mixing. I have been mixing for 2 years and still to this day am trying to get Kiberry. It’s the only juice I still buy commercially.

  41. Harley Quinn by Savage…… It’s the last com. e-liquid I purchased, and the best cookie vape I’ve had. I’ve been chasing this ghost for awhile now. Help me professor Wayne!!! Lol

  42. How about Orphan Tears? It’s a strawberry / kiwi custard. I worked with the original company for a couple weeks before the recipe was sold to Fuzion and while close to it, still can’t get the cinnamon undertone right.

  43. Hey Wayne,
    I know you were attempting Cannoli B one by Cassadaga, just wondering if you have tried Cannoli Be nuts? Its a pretty dam tasty one

  44. Hi Wayne, first thanks for all you do! Second, I seen a few Twelve Monkeys Kanzi recopies out there but they seem to miss the mark. If you would take a crack at it or know of a good remix already I would be most appreciative. Keep up the great work!!

  45. Hi Wayne! Hi everybody! I Just get my membership.
    Kilo Fruit Whip
    Kilo Cereal Milk
    Cutwood Bird Brains
    Those profiles are very hard to me, but im still trying….
    If anyone know something about this, the info is welcome!

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