Vicious Ant Teases Return with new RDA

The Comeback

It seems as if vaping hardware company Vicious Ant have been hard at work these past years. Once a powerhouse in high-end market, they have since fell off into obscurity for the past year or so. But they plan to end that soon with their newest RDA that is set to be released December 3rd.

The RDA looks VERY unique. I’m not even sure wha to make of it. It seems as if there are air holes across the top of the RDA as well as some type of adjustment tab at the bottom. We don’t have much details other than these photos and a hashtag from Vicious Ant that reads #NeverGetDryAgain. Yeah, I’m not quite sure either. Im interested though, though knowing VA expect these RDA’s to be EXPENSIVE.

Do you plan on picking one up? Do you think a new RDA will be enough to bring Vicious Ant back to the forefront? Leave your comments below.

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