(CAP) (SL) Fruit Circles Flavor Book Entry Recipe

(OPTIONAL) Sweetener to Taste
This is a very simple Fruit Loops recipe that showcases CAP (SL) Fruit Circles
Made for FlavorBook Entry "CAP (SL) Fruit Circles"

Fruit Loops. Super Easy.


CAP Silverline Fruit Circles is one of my new favorite cereals available. It just packs this great, tasty, and authentic fruit loops flavor that is easy to mix with and easy to vape. This recipe is probably the easiest recipe you can make here on this website. And if you're a cereal guy, you'll like this one.

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Flavor Notes:

CAP (SL) Fruit Circles

This flavoring is basically the entire profile. It’s the main top note, the body, as well as the finish. This just shows off how useful this flavoring is as a simple mixer. At 7% you basically get everything you need out of this flavor, and with a high concentration, you’re getting a very full flavor right off the rip. The rest of the recipe just adds a bit of milk and cream to the profile to further sell the authenticity. It’s still lacking texture, but I decided to keep this recipe simple for the sake of the flavor book entry.

FA Meringue / FW Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

This is the milk of the mix. FW VBIC is a softer, sweeter, and milkier ice cream, when compared to CAP/TFA’s. That’s why I chose it and at 4% its plenty. After a few days it really blooms. When you pair it with FA Meringue you get a much more natural milk flavor that blends perfectly with any cereal. Just a touch of meringue is needed though, as too much will start to mute the recipe. If you don’t have FW’s and you have CAP or TFA’s VBIC, feel free to sub, at similar %’s. Just remember the recipe might take on a bit of a different flavor than this specific mix.

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  1. i have fw fruit rings, would this be fine to sub for the cap fruit circles or is the capella version something special?

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