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The link above is an article I’ve written a while back outlining note taking for those who are beginners and just getting started in their flavor development journey. If you’ve never taken notes on flavorings before, I recommend you read that first. It will provide you all you need to know on how to take notes on flavorings, great apps to use, and other tips that will put your mixing into a higher gear.


Bear Writer (Mac)

This is the newest app I’ve been using for my note taking, and it will probably be replacing One Note for me. What’s excellent about Bear is its fast tagging system and its strong cross-referencing systems, that allows me to find notes so much more easily. For instance, hashtagging (#) anything immediately puts it into its own folder, and you can hashtag multiple sections for easy organization. This is on top of an awesome note-linking feature that allows my notes to embed flavor profiles within them. Meaning if I’m taking notes on FA Juicy Strawberry, I can tag its pairings inside the note, and when ever I’m looking for a flavoring that meets the pairing requirements, it shows them. It’s much easier to explain in the video above. It’s not perfect though.  The only bad parts about Bear is that it costs a bit of money (if you want syncing) and only works for Mac. That being said, if you’re a Mac user, it’s a very strong program.

One Note (PC – Mac)

One Note has been my note taking app of choice since I left Evernote a while back. It’s completely free, it’s available for both PC and Mac, it has syncing, you can share your notes with others, and it contains a great folder system for organizing. It’s an easy recommendation for anyone first getting into note-taking because its a native app in Windows 10 and has a strong foundation in Microsoft Word. The only reason I am changing apps is because its tagging and searching features aren’t as fluid and fleshed-out as Bear Writer. But they are there, and they can get the job done if you take the time to learn them.

Evernote (PC – Mac)

Evernote was the king of note-taking for the longest time. It was one of the first to introduce syncing notes across platforms and had a great mobile app. I’ve left it because they started to charge pretty high prices for features that I needed, and its organization within the app are a bit to be desired. It’s gotten a bit better since the last time I used it, but still lacks the type of cross-referencing Bear Writer and One-Note has. But it is clean.

Google Docs (PC – Mac – Web)

Now I wouldn’t really put Google Docs in the same league as the other note-taking apps. It’s more like Word than it is Evernote. But with that being said you can absolutely use it for note taking. You won’t have any of the tagging systems of the other note taking apps, but Google Docs is great for something else. Collaborations. I love using Google Docs as a community white board for things. So if I want a bunch of people to take notes on something, or have all my beta testers to share their notes with me, Google Docs is a great choice. It’s not quite as fluid as One Notes sharing feature, but it works great and most people have Gmail accounts which helps with quick access to emails.


And those are the note taking apps that I recommend to everyone. There are a few more out there that some like to use. Namely the note taking features built into E-liquid Calculators like ELR, Hotrod’s, or ATF. Any app is great as long as you actually USE them and use them often. Note taking is such a strong habit to build because it allows you to speed up your recipe developing tenfold. You won’t be fussing around looking for flavorings to use in your recipes, scratching your head on what the best pairings are. Your notes will tell you. So, pick up one of these programs, hit your mixing station, and start taking notes!

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