Let’s Mix: Pumpkin Pie (DIY E-liquid Recipe)

Pumpkin Pie


Delicious warm baked Pumpkin Pie with notes of Vanilla Made for "LETS MIX: PUMPKIN PIE E-LIQUID RECIPE" ->


CAP Super Sweet     0.5%FLV Vanilla Pudding     3%FW Pumpkin Spice     0.5%FA Butterscotch     0.5%HS Pumpkin Pie     3%TPA Graham Cracker Clear     2.5%

Total Flavor: 10%

Warm Pumpkin Pie, Graham Crust, Touch of Vanilla

Pumpkin is a difficult flavor profile. Go eat some pumpkin filling and try to explain the flavor. It's sort of bland, but has a distinct slightly sweet flavor, reminiscent of a carrot. So that doesn't translate too well into vapes. In this recipe, I use a couple different flavorings to help bring up the aspects of a pumpkin pie that are lacking in HS's flavor. Make sure to watch the full video for the rundown.

Flavor Notes:

HS Pumpkin Pie This flavoring is basically the only pumpkin filling flavor that is accurate. All other pumpkins are far too heavy with the spice. And in this mix, I want to focus on a warm baked pie with a bit of spice sprinkled in. So in that case, I'm using HS Pumpkin Pie at 3%. Any more and the flavor starts to mute, and any less things aren't as potent. This flavoring also is the entire body of the mix allowing the other flavorings to glue to it. 

FW Pumpkin Spice - When you pick up a pumpkin eliquid off the shelf, chances are its loaded with this stuff. I'm using it here because I want a bit of spice in my pumpkin pie. Only 0.5%. That's plenty enough for me but if you want more of that clove, nutmeg, allspice flavor in your recipe, feel free to turn it up. Just use a steady hand. 

TFA Graham Cracker (Clear) / FA ButterscotchThese two ingredients make up the pie crust. TFA graham crust isn't exactly the best crust flavor to use. It doesn't contain much texture and isn't very present in mixes. But for my needs its perfect because I want a soft crust that doesn't distract from the pumpkin. Feel free to sub for more textured crusts if you'd like, remembering again, to keep the pumpkin the star. FA Butterscotch acts as almost like the "brown sugar" and helps glue this crust to the pumpkin. 

FLV Vanilla Pudding - This flavoring is used to help add a bit of volume to the recipe as well as infusing some vanilla in my pie. Any custard will do as well, as long as its kept light. I didn't want to completely weight down my pie with heavy creams and eggs, and FLV Vanilla Pudding at 3% is perfect. 


  1. I’m having a hard time gettin the HS Pumpkin Pie in Europe. Bullcity has it but they don’t ship to my country. Can I replace it with RF Pumpkin Pie maybe?

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