Vape Shop has a BALL PIT? – Behind the Scenes of Flavorbook

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Uncalled For

Vaping is an ADULT product meant strictly for ADULTS to remove themselves from an ADULT habit. This means it should look and act like it’s for ADULTS. In the video above I show off a vape shop in the Philadelphia area that has a few …. questionable aspects of their shop. One being the large ball pit. The other being the Minion toys strewn throughout and then table with the board games (I’ll let the board games slide). It gives off a VERY conflicting image, and I’m surprised no one has pointed this out earlier. I want to know what you all think about this down in the comments. I will withhold the name of the shop for the time being.

Behind the Flavorbook

The second part of the video is me showing you how I take photos of the flavorings for the Flavorbook. I go through my favorite three lenses that get the job done as well as the steps involved in taking the picture. The last part is the editing process. I don’t show exactly how I test for Flavorbook entries, that’s for another video.



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