FA Juicy Strawberry (FlavorBook Entry Recipe)

This is a Strawberry Lemonade recipe focusing more on the strawberry notes with a touch of lime in the mix.
This recipe was made for FlavorBook Entry "(FA) Juicy Strawberry"
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Strawberry Essence, Sweet and Tart Lemonade

FA Juicy Strawberry is an excellent strawberry flavoring that works excellent in beverage type recipes. Here I'm using it to really show off how well it does next to lemon. Allowing it to share its extremely juicy strawberry essence to the mix creates a fun and bright recipe great for kicking it on the beach. 

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Flavor Notes:

FA Juicy Strawberry - In this recipe FA Juicy Strawberry is the star. While it isn’t the most prominent aspect of the recipe, it’s the ingredient that adds the most character to the mix. Because of its juiciness, we’re infusing it into the body of the Lemonade. It does need a bit of help and that’s what CAP Sweet Strawberry is for. But this is generally how I’ve been using this flavoring. Giving my recipes an infusion of strawberry, right to the body. 

CAP Sweet StrawberryI generally use this flavoring at much higher percentages, but in this recipe I don’t want much of its flavor. Just a touch. What I really want it to do is help push that strawberry profile to the front a bit. And that’s what it does here in the recipe at 1.5%

CAP Pink Lemonade - This is of course the most prominent note in the mix. It adds a nice sharp lemonade flavor to the mix, bringing along a bit of “pink” to help bridge the gap between the lemon and strawberry. I like it at 4%, but feel free to go higher or lower depending on how much lemonade you want to be present, and how little strawberry you want.

FA Florida Key Lime - I wanted to use Key Lime because I do like how it sits with lemonades. Any other Lime would work really, it’s just an accent. But Key Lime at 0.5% provides the specific type of lime note I feel works best in this situation. 

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