Starting Off in DIY Mixing; Molinberry Glamour Chocolate

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Glitz and Glamour

In the video above I explain how you should get started in DIY eliquid mixing. First thing to do is find a highly rated recipe that you’d think you’d enjoy from sites like this one,, or ELR / ATF. Then purchase necessary flavorings and mix. After you purchase a few recipes, start to mess around with those recipes, tweaking them to how you’d like, until you’re comfortable moving onto making your own recipes.

And the second half of the video I take a look at Molinberry (MB) Glamour Chocolate. This is a really good chocolate flavoring that has none of the cons of many other chocolates. There is no dry chocolate tootsie roll flavor and there’s no bandaid flavor. While it’s light and subtle, it’s still good, has a nice creaminess to it, and a good sweetness. It’s slowly becoming my new favorite chocolate since INW Milk Chocolate died.


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