What’s the Worst Taste in the World?

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Gizmodo just released a full piece on the worst taste known to man. And of course we head to science for that answer. In the piece we find out a few things we already know. One being that the tongue can only taste 5 things. Sweet, Sour, Bitterness, Saltiness, and Umami, and that actually “disgust” comes from the flavors molecules reaching our olfactory glands, aka, our noses. In the article they state “that’s why we can’t taste coffee or chocolate when we hold our noses shut”, and the same goes for e-liquid. But then the articles goes a bit further into vacuity, explaining that disgust is often subjected.

the most disgusting foods are often the most poisonous.

One man’s disgust is another man’s delicacy. But the general consensus from the scientists’s they asked, was that the most disgusting foods are often the most poisonous. Because of evolution, we’ve become adapted to enjoying foods nutritious to us, and repelling foods that are harmful. Makes a lot of sense, actually. Check out the full article for all the details.  

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