P.Busardo reviews the Kayfun Prime

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Primed Up and Ready to GO!

In the video above, Phil Busardo reviews one of the more anticipated products of 2017, the Kayfun Prime (pronounced KAI-FOON). If you remember, teasers of the Kayfun Prime started to appear sometime around the beginning of October, and has since been released. Busardo was always one of the vapers who consistently paraded the Kayfun, in almost all its forms. The Kayfun, KF Lite, KF Lite+, Kayfun 3 mini, Kayfun v4, my favorite, the Kayfun 5, and now the newest Kayfun Prime. So his review means much more than many other reviewers, because he’s the type of vaper that the Kayfun Prime is targeted to. The “Mouth – to – lunger”. In the review above he gives his opinions as well as breakdown the history of the Kayfun products throughout the years.


Price – $120.00

Mouth-to-lung Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA)

Top Filling

Glass Tank

PEEK Insulation

22mm Diameter – 45.5m Height

Holds 2ml of juice

6 airflow adjustments going from 1mm-2mm

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