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Inventory tracking is something only a handful of calculators have. In fact, I recently did a video about it showcasing tracking on HotRod and JuiceGrinder, two lesser used calculators. One thing about HotRod’s calculator was how difficult it was to use and complex the UI was. So when I told Scott, the owner of, that he needed to put tracking on his site, i was happy to find he was working on it. Only about a week or so later, it’s here. Full active inventory tracking on flavorings. What makes this especially awesome, is that this is the first recipe database site, that is used widely, in which tracking is a feature. Meaning, you can mix straight off the database, even other people’s recipes, and still track your inventory. Something that the DIY community has been waiting for, for a long time.

Watch the short video to learn how to use inventory tracking.



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