Mixing For Closed System Devices

The JUUL and Phix devices are among the new breed of cigalikes. They are sleek, small, include an "all-in-one" pod system, and output a pretty good vape. For vapers, they are small stealth vapes meant for bathrooms and plane rides. For smokers, they are an excellent introduction to a lifesaving technology. The problem with these devices, unfortunately, is the flavor. They are just lacking and don't bring a lot of vibrancy. Now, this of course might have to do with the smaller amount of vapor production. But then shouldn't these creators develop flavors knowing this? This article will help you design recipes specifically for small vapor output and these cigalike AIO vapes. I don't expect any new transitioning smokers to hop right into DIY to fill up their newly bought JUUL's. So this article focuses more on the vaper who uses a JUUL or Phix as a secondary stealth device. And don't get it twisted. You can absolutely "gift" these juices to your newly transitioned friends who vape those cigalikes, which is a great way to afford your DIY journey.

The Nicotine

Before we jump into the flavor I want to talk about the most important aspect of these devices. Obviously, the nicotine. You don't use a Von Erl or a Bo because you like the flavor or the vape experience. You vape them because you need your nicotine fix and you need it now. One of the things about these devices is that the nicotine in them is often quite high. So if you vape at a low nic, like myself, then you might find these devices a bit harsh. Luckily JUUL uses Nic Salts which helps smooth out the hit a bit. Though with the nic being so high, there still is a thump. That's one of the beauties of DIY. You can cater your nic concentration to whatever you'd like. I personally recommend you still use the Nicotine Salts. These companies here sell great ones. And then mix them in your recipes at about 3-4mg higher than you normally vape. I vape at 1mg max, so with nic salts, I'll mix in 4-5mg. This gives me a very nice nicotine rush with a bit of a kick, but removes any of the burning harshness that comes with higher nicotine consumption. You can also go the other way, mixing in less nicotine, but using a nic salt that provides a bit more throat hit. Just make sure you're using the salts. Not because of the hit, but because the dispense to your body more efficiently. The nic buzz comes much faster, and a bit harder, making it perfect for these types of situations where you're using these cigalikes.

The Flavor

Now we'll move on to the flavor of the recipes. First off, most of these devices "don't" allow you to refill them. But a quick Google search will bring you tons of videos and tutorials on how to hack them. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU BREAK OR DAMAGE YOUR DEVICE. But once you figure it out, you can obviously use shitty commercial e-liquid, or you can make a recipe specific to this type of vape. The thing you need to know is that you need to think very simple. If you make recipes that are a bit too complex, they will come out muddled and soft through these devices. Simple, Simple, Simple. I'm talking single flavor recipes, single profile, etc. Strawberry, Tobacco, Mango, nothing too wild. Before you get up and arms, you can still make great tasting e-liquid. It's just a bit more linear and streamlined for these devices, to get the most out of them. And think of the long term strat here. Pods for these devices are usually FUCKING OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE. So of course, if you can keep refilling them with cheap DIY juice, you're gold. Listen, don't buy pods. They're a rip off. You wanna know why they won't let you refill them? It's not because of regulations. It's because they make so much money selling you these crappy, proprietary pods. So don’t buy them.

Article Recipe: Mango Peach


MUST READ ARTICLE BEFORE MIXING THIS RECIPE This is a Mango Peach recipe made for the article "Mixing For Closed System Vapor Devices" -> https://diyordievaping.com/2017/10/17/mixing-for-closed-system-devices/


CAP Super Sweet     0.5%FLV Mango     3%TPA Peach (juicy)     1.5%

Total Flavor: 5%

These recipes are the kind you want to make for these devices. This is a simple Mango Peach recipe that extremely strong and concentrated, as well as sweet. If you were to vape this in an RDA, the flavor would be very vivid and intense (something many would like). But in a BO device, the flavor is present and vibrant, something their original pods don't bring. Remember to mix this at 50/50. You want the vape thin because of the tiny coils in these devices. Anyways, the sweetener is necessary to really bring some vibrancy to the back end of the vape, something lacking in the original. Lastly, the Nic Salts. For me, 4% is plenty. But feel free to use whatever you think is necessary. The most important thing about these type of recipes is understanding the type of vape it brings. You're not getting a hot, dense vape experience. You're getting puny little wisps of vape. So you need to make due within those parameters. Keep it simple, keep it tight, and keep it vibrant.

This recipe is a bit more complex, in theory. But when vaped, it produces somewhat of a linear experience. The tobacco is very much present, riding around with the caramel and "dirtiness" of the RY4, and strewn throughout the flavor is some graham cracker. There's also some sweetness on the end thanks to RY4. These kind of devices do great with tobacco mixes. I recommend you mix up anything by FEAR and throw it into your AIO's. You won't be able to pick up on all the nuances of these complex tobacco's, but you will get a very nice smoky flavor. And that's what makes these type of recipes nice in the AIO's.

And that's basically it for mixing for closed system devices. If you're a more advanced mixer, then it's really about trying to break the habit of creating" the best recipe ever" when you blueprint recipes for these devices. It's hard to work the opposite way, and to settle for less. but that's what is needed to really bring the best out of these type of devices. And trust me when I say this, it's VERY easy to create a good recipe but have it taste like a muted mess when it goes into a JUUL. And if you're a novice mixer, then no offense, but it should be quite easy to keep things simple. Just make sure you're concentrations are a bit higher than normal and you'll be good. Now the next time you need to sneak into the bathroom for a quick nic fix, at least you'll know it'll taste great, as well as super cheap. 

Article Recipe: Bacco Graham


MUST READ ARTICLE BEFORE MIXING This is a tobacco graham cracker recipe Made for article "Mixing For Closed System Vapor Devices" -> https://diyordievaping.com/2017/10/17/mixing-for-closed-system-devices/


FLV Connecticut Shade     1%FLV Red Burley     2%JF RY4 Double     4%TPA Graham Cracker Clear     3%

Total Flavor: 10%


  1. So funny, a few hours before I read this article I was out and about tying to find a decent AIO for one of my in-laws. Found one, guy at the vape shop said you needed to buy special juice because the nicotine was different. Asked him why, he said cause it was “solids based”, which I’ve never heard of. Decided I would look into it and see if I could mix around it, so head over here and bam, newest article is everything I needed to know about how to replicate AIO specific juice.

    Way to be on the tip of my tongue Wayne!

  2. I mixed up the mango peach, even tho I could tell by looking at it that it didn’t have enough flavor, but I trusted it. Nope…no flavor. Did you even try it in a pod device?? You have to mix ATLEAST 13% and best at 20% if you want any kind of inkling of flavor. That’s just how it is. I really don’t get why you’re so popular I feel like u just wing it and throw some flavors together cause every recipe of yours besides Misty wasn’t even good enough to be called mediocre. Hype hype hype

  3. I’m finding FW Blackberry at a super high percentage around 12-15%, 2% FLV Boysenberry, and 1-2% Cap’s Super Sweet is pretty good in my Suorin Air. It needs some balancing but they are good flavors for a pod system.

  4. Hi Wayne,
    I’ve just ordered 4 of your once shot concentrates (Pistachio RY4-U, Obsidian, Elizabeth Custard, Blackout) and I see that there is a recommended mixing percentage. However, based off this article and your nic salts video it sounds like I’ll need to up the percentage if I want to vape them using a pod system with nic salts (20mg strength). Any suggestions on how much concentrate I should use would be hugely appreciated. Cheers, Andy

  5. Hi Andy,
    Did you get an answer? I have the same question. I have King’s custard and it suggest 12% for a normal setup. I think it should be closer to 20% for a pod setup.
    Thanks, Walter

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