Comparing E-liquid Calculators (Best DIY E-liquid Calculators)

Two Types of Uses

There are literally DOZENS of different e-liquid calculators out there. This article will outline the best features of the most popular calculators to help make your mixing as less of a chore as possible. But before we dive into that, you need to figure out what type of needs you have. This will help you understand what features will benefit you the most. In my opinion, there's about two types of needs. The first type is what I call the "Hoarder." This is someone who makes tons of recipes all the time. You need a place to put all your creations, all your batches, all your notes, all in one place and as easily as possible. Then the other is the "Showcaser." This is when you want to showcase your recipes for others to mix, critique, review, or even sell. Beginners usually fall into the hoarder category, mainly because you'll have tons of failures before you start to develop some keepers. And the one who wants to be involved in the community lands in the "showcaser" spot. Lastly, if you're a MAC user like me, the web-based apps are really your best options since Apple doesn't allow for vaping apps on their platform (BOO!) (Web Based) - FREE

ELR is the most popular mixing calculator and showcasing site out there. It's mainly where everyone goes to post their recipes when they first get into mixing, because it's the one you see most often. It's best feature is its vast community. There's power in numbers, and ELR isn't short of members. Tons of recipes, tons of notes, and tons of information. But this is also ELR's achilles heel. Because of its "free-for-all" platform, this basically throws any type of catering out the window. Sure there are millions of recipes, but that only makes it more difficult finding the gems.


· Following Mixers

· Flavor Stash (light inventory)

· What Can I Make?

· Flavor Base Creation

· Extensive Flavor List with Notes

· Easy Sharing (Web Based) - $2 / mo

Alltheflavors aims to fix the issue that ELR has by gating the users through payment, ensuring a more curated experience. This means, while there is a subscription fee, this guarantees a much higher output of great recipes, flavor notes, and information. Not too mention how only the creator adds flavorings to the list making sure there are no duplicate entries. It's service is really catered toward the "hobbyist" mixer, one who actively engages with the community, mixes up tons of community recipes, and wants a place to showcase their recipes alongside other great mixers. You don't have to pay for it, but you are limited in its free version only allowing 2 private recipes. This is the second most popular recipe showcasing site and is continually being updated with features. Oh yeah, there is also an Android app.


· More Curated Experience

· Curated Flavor List

· Flavor Stash (light inventory)

· Batch System

· Following Mixers

· Contest Mode

· Easy Sharing

· What Can I Make?

· Android App


EJuiceMeUp (PC) - FREE

Ejuicemeup has been my go-to calculator for quite sometime. Unlike the other two, this is a locally hosted program with no recipe sharing/community features. These type of calculators are strictly for getting work done. Often I'd mix up my recipes in EJMU, and the ones I thought were worthy of sharing, would then be posted on ATF/ELR. Another aspect of EJMU is how you need to backup your recipes manually. Don't be like me, change computers, and lose all your recipes because you forgot to back them up. This also only works on desktop and there is no Mac version. But if you just need to get in, mix something up, and be on your way, this is a great choice. 


· Quick and Easy

· Simplicity


Juice Calculator (PC) - FREE

User HotRod19579 on ECF created this beast of a calculator. Basically it's EJMU on steroids. A locally hosted PC app that calculates recipes, allows for indepth inventory tracking that tracks based on the recipes you mix, complete control over ingredient densities, importing & exporting of multiple different recipe formats like .rec files, flavor base creation, recipe combining, and more. It's a powerful app that is unfortunately bogged down by its sometimes confusing UI. But if you're willing to take the time to learn it, you can basically do anything you want, all for a free price. 


· Indepth Inventory with Active Tracking

· Complete Control over Ingredients and their Densities

· Supports importing/exporting of multiple calculators including .REC and .CSV

· Easy ELR integration

· Base Creation

· Recipe Combine


Juice Grinder (PC) - FREE / $15

This is a calculator that is brand new to me. After downloading its easy to see that it is much like JuiceCalculator, just with a much easier to understand and intuitive user interface. It's got active inventory tracking with a much easier implementation than JC (as seen in the video above). It also contains a very extensive note taking features for recipes. It's got price tracking with again, great UI. The only thing this calc doesn't do is showcase recipes. While its calculating features are free, any type of inventory tracking requires a $15 "donation", something I absolutely have no issue paying.This is for more advanced or professional mixers and this will absolutely become my calculator of choice from this point on. 


· Very Intuitive and Clean UI

· Active Inventory Tracking with Alerts

· Cost Tracking and Analysis

· Flavor Base Creation

· Extensive Note Taking Feature

· Easy and Extensive Export

· Easy Label Printing

· Ohms Law Calculator

· Recipe Rating Feature

· Extensive Batch Cost/Tracking


  1. Great article, thanks Wayne. The one feature I enjoy on ATF, which the others don’t seem to have, is batch tracking. I’m able to edit my recipes without renaming it as a new version, because the batches record the recipe that was originally used. If I make a new batch it will use the new recipe. That way I always have access to my previous versions, which I find invaluable. Juice calculator and Grinder just updates inventory after mixing, and tracks steep time of a batch, not the details of the version of recipe used. I suppose many mixers discard previous versions, but I have often referred back to 3 or 4 prior versions on occasion.

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