QuickTips: Subbing Flavorings Effectively + Mother’s Milk DIY Recipe

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Substituting flavorings is something I always hear about anytime ANYONE posts a recipe. One of the things in DIY we talk about is how we’re always buying flavorings, but for some reason, we never have the right ones. So naturally, people will want to mix the next and best recipes, even if they don’t have the exact recipes required. So in this video I talk about the best way to sub flavors.

The first thing to note is the complexity of the recipe. The recipe in the video is a very simple strawberries and cream.

TFAStrawberry Ripe3%
CAPSweet Strawberry5%
TFACheesecake Graham Crust4.5%
TFAVanilla Bean Ice Cream2%
CAPSuper Sweet0.5%

It’s easy to understand and is quite simple in flavor. These are the best types of recipes to mix if you need to do some substituting. You don’t want to sub out flavorings in a recipe that’s extremely complex not only in terms of the ingredients required, but in terms of flavor profile as well. The more simple the recipe, the easier the sub.

So once you’ve found the perfect recipe, all there is left to do is substitute the flavoring with ones that you think might fit better, enjoy more, or just already have. You definitely want to swap flavorings that are in the same genre of flavor profile. Meaning if you don’t have a specific strawberry flavoring necessary for the recipe, and you need to find a substitute, you don’t want to swap in a banana. This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how much I need to explain this. You can also get away with a bit more stretching, but don’t stretch too far. Meaning, maybe instead of that strawberry, you can sub with a raspberry, or a dragonfruit. Stay within the genre and you’ll be fine. Lastly, you want to use the concentration relative to the recipe. If you’re swapping a strawberry, and its the main component of the recipe at 5%, then the flavoring you swap in needs to have the same type of strength. So if you’re using a weaker strawberry, bump it up to 6%. Other than that, subbing is generally something you should do as a last resort. Don’t rely on subbing everything because you will never get the very best flavor out of your recipes. Do your best to find recipes containing all the ingredients you own and you’ll be a much happier person.

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