Easy Vanilla Cupcake (Beginner DIY Ejuice Recipe)

This is a simple yellow cake cupcake with thick sweet vanilla frosting
This recipe was made for Flavorbook Entry "(CAP) Vanilla Cupcake"
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(CAP) Vanilla Cupcake
(FA) Meringue
(JF) Yellow Cake
(TPA) Vanilla Custard
(CAP) Super Sweet



Vanilla Frosting, Yellow Cupcake, Touch of White Sugar

Vanilla Cupcake is a staple in the e-liquid scene. It's been around forever, mainly due to its inherent layers and fun aesthetic. This recipe is simple and packs a delicious cakey and sweet flavor for anyone with a sweet tooth. Perfect for beginners and getting them into layering.

Flavor Notes:

CAP Vanilla Cupcake: In this recipe I'm using Vanilla Cupcake at 4% because I don't want to worry about any kind of off-notes becoming present in the flavor yet I still need enough flavoring to become bold in the profile. This is the foundation of the recipe and all the other ingredients are used to help boost this ingredients properties.

FA Meringue: Like mentioned above, this ingredient helps really define that vanilla frosting, giving it more of a powdered sugar note and also turn it into somewhat of a fondant. Only a touch though, 0.5%. Anymore and you run the risk of turning it into a milky flavor that distracts away from any kind of texture the recipe may have.

JF Yellow Cake: While this isn't my favorite yellow cake, nor my favorite cake booster, it does work really well with CAP Vanilla Cupcake. It helps boost that cakey body and add a touch more texture and nuttiness to the flavor that really defines it as cupcake.

TFA Vanilla Custard: This is to add a bit more heft to the overall profile while also infusing some buttery egg in the recipe. That touch of egg brings about a much more cohesive experience, and it helps drown out any off-notes we might get from the steep.


This recipe was made for Flavor Book entry "(CAP) Vanilla Cupcake". Click here to view the flavor analysis.

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