Flavor Testing: WF Angel Cake, WF Almond Cookie, WF S’mores Cupcake

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2 outta 3

In the video above I test and talk about a few of Wonder Flavors new flavorings. Wonder Flavors is a new flavoring company that has been picking up steam lately and giving Flavorah a run for their money in the “vaping flavorings” realm. Watch the vid above for my thoughts. While these aren’t full analyses, they are a quick look. Wait until they enter the FlavorBook for their full flavor analyses. All flavorings were mixed at 50VG/50PG and at 5% flavoring with 0mg nic.

WF Angel Cake:

This is a cross between a white cake and a yellow cake. There’s an inherent fluffiness about the flavoring that I think helps sell the authenticity. There’s isn’t much texture, though there’s a slight hint of grit on the end of the flavor. Mostly what you get is this light, bouncy, and fluffy cake that seems to have a touch of sweetness and white sugar. I can see this being used in any type of shortcake base, so long the recipe is light. Anything too heavy might completely muddle this recipe.

WF Almond Cookie:

This flavoring is very close to those italian almond cookies with the almond slivers thrown on top. There isn’t a bold flavor in this flavoring. Everything is subtle, slightly sweet, and light. The almond is nice and contains a taste very similar to those type of cookies. Where the cookie aspect is nondescript and lacking a bit. I wish there were more texture, which is disappointing and surprising being the amount of AP I can smell from the bottle. But I can see this flavoring working as a base for any Macaron recipe.

WF S’mores Cupcake:

Unfortunately, this flavoring is one I would pass on. First and foremost, I get a hint of that band-aid / latex flavor that seems to haunt many other chocolates. There also isn’t much of a graham cracker flavor nor a cupcake flavor. Mainly what i get is a light band-aid like chocolate mixed in a marshmallow. There just isn’t much flavor, dimension, nor layering within the recipe to warrant any type of authenticity. Just pass on this for now.

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