Svoë Mesto Dropping NEW Kayfun Prime RTA

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Back to Their Roots

The Kayfun in my opinion is one of the biggest, and most recognizable items in vaping. The Kayfun Lite was THE product that got me off of smoking and into vaping. And the Kayfun 5 is easily my favorite RTA these days. So naturally, I’m excited to see what Svoe Mesto has up their sleeves for their new Kayfun Prime RTA. I hear its going back to their Mouth-to-lung roots, and I couldn’t be more happy. One of the best aspects of the older Kayfun’s were their ability to perfectly mimic the draw of a cigarette. Hopefully this new RTA can bring some of that magic back.

Looking at the video and image above, it does look nice and clean. Taking some design from the latest Kayfun 5 as well as some cues from the Lite. There also seems to be a new logo on the chimney that emulates this new “Prime” series. There’s also the same time of juice feed as the Kayfun 5, which I’m not too sure how I feel about. I am happy the top fill mechanism of the 5 is remains as well. To be honest, it doesn’t look to different from the Kayfun Five or their remix Kayfun 5 Squared. But we’ll just have to wait and see if it vapes similar as well.

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