Jackfruit Citri-Shake (DIY E-liquid Recipe)

This recipe is a vibrant blend of jackfruit, dragonfruit, blood orange, and mandarin, laid on a bed of whipped cream.
Recipe was made for "(TFA) Jackfruit" FlavorBook Entry



Jackfruit, Dragonfruit, Blood Orange, Citrus, Whipped Cream, Vanilla Bean.

The Jackfruit is such a fun fruit to play with when creating exotic pairings. It holds so many accents from so many different fruits, such as pineapple, apple, mango, and banana; so when pairing it up with other fruits, you have a monstrosity of flavor. This recipe was created to see how well the Jackfruit can blend in with citrus and dairy. And I think it does well.

Flavor Notes:

TFA Jackfruit: This is the heart of the mix. It adds all the intrigue, excitement, and energy to the recipe. The pineapple, banana, mango, apple, flavor all blend in nicely with the citrus in the recipe. And the way it blends with the dragonfruit creates a more vivid exotic taste to the back end where the flavor is lacking. And lastly, the banana-like flavor blend in with the creams to create a smooth, thick flavor. I like it at 5% but if you want to accentuate the other flavorings more, don't turn those up, turn this one down.

TFA Dragonfruit: This is here to lift the backend up a bit and add in some more exotic flavor in that realm. It's used only at 0.5% because I didn't want much of its flavor. Mostly just its enhancement properties.

FA Mandarin / Blood Orange: This is the citrus of the recipe. The pineapple/mango of the jackfruit are boosted by the citrus, and create a very vivid and energetic flavor profile. This is then contrasted by the creams on the end.

TFA Vanilla Swirl / Whipped Cream: This is the cream layer I used. I wanted a bright vanilla flavor to help blend in with some of the accents of the jackfruit. But I also didn't want too thick a cream because I didn't want to overpower the citrus and top note. This base does a great job of doing just that, while offering a nice bed for the fun flavor to lay upon.

Super Sweet / Ethyl Maltol 10%: There are two different type of enhancers in here. The Sucralose is mainly to turn that fruit up. Without it, the fruits lack that vibrancy I love. But the Ethyl Maltol is used here to help blend in the dragonfruit even further to the backend.

This recipe was made for Flavor Book entry "(TFA) Jackfruit". Click here to view the flavor analysis.

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