FDA Head Gottlieb Going After Flavors?

FDA Head Hunting

Brent Stafford, friend of the industry and excellent reporter out of RegulatorWatch.com just dropped a video talking about the press release the FDA released today calling out their Tobacco Harm Reduction plans and their thoughts on the Vapor Industry. And it’s not good.

The first part of the press release we see Gottlieb talking about the extension of the PMTA. This was a godsend for the industry. Basically, this allowed the market 5 more years to prepare their PMTA’s (Pre-Market Tobacco Applications) and allow the industry to form the large entities it needs to battle against future legislation and threats from Big Tobacco. When this was announced, many claimed Gottlieb was “saving vaping” and we saw many companies praising the Trump Admin for this saving grace. Though, exactly like RegulatorWatch states, it’s not all Sunshine and Roses.

The second half of the press release Gottlieb goes on full blast against the industry. One of the most shocking remarks was about flavors. He demonized “child-appealing” flavors and explained “we will redouble our efforts to protect kids from all Nicotine containing products…” and further went on about how saving children from e-cigarette devices was their main goal. This is not good. Obviously, the years of “child-appealing” labels have done some irreparable damage to the industry, and this might ultimately remove flavors from our devices completely if we don’t act now. He also explained how nicotine is in the direct crosshairs of the FDA, and making nicotine less addicting is a goal of theirs.

Go check out the full RegulatorWatch report and be sure to hear Greg Troutman’s remarks on the hearing. The industry, now more than ever, needs to band together and prove that its products are saving lives, saving children and their parents, and adding to the economy in an explosive way. This industry needs to prove itself to the public, the FDA, and the rest of the world that it’s a legit technology, and not just a bottle of “Fruity-Loopz” meant to move your kid towards tobacco.


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