Entheon RDA First Impressions

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I’m pretty happy with this Entheon RDA by Psyclone Mods. My good friend Fear hit me up when the sale went live not too long ago, and I went and immediately purchased it. I’m a big fan of Psyclone, but even a bigger fan of the Hadaly RDA (wasn’t too happy with the Kryten RDA). The Hadaly has been my ADV since it first dropped and every RDA I purchased since then pales in comparison to it. So while I was excited about the “Leak-proof Hadaly” known as the Entheon, I was still a bit skeptical. Especially after seeing images of it on their Instagram.

Well, I’m actually a very happy consumer right now. So far, using the Entheon has been nothing but a joy. It’s got Hadaly like flavor (so far), it’s still got that easy clamp style deck that is so easy to build on, and it comes with tons of accessories including a squonk pin and 510 drip tip adapter. I need to fully test this RDA with all my recipes as well as all the flavor profiles like fruits, candies, bakeries, etc, before I make my final decision. And it needs to go through more rigorous testing to see if it will replace the Hadaly for me as an ADV. But so far, I’m impressed and I can only hope it holds up in flavor. Having a Non-leak Hadaly would be a dream for me.


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