Nu-Sorbet (ICED)

Nu-Sorbet [ICED]


This is a play on a Pineapple Sorbet that adds some smooth topicality as well as a thick ICE One of the recipes that you can increase for more flavor Full flavor notes here:


CAP Super Sweet     0.5%LA Banana Cream     4%OTHR WS-23     0.75%RF Pineapple     2%TPA Jackfruit     2%TPA Key Lime     2%

Total Flavor: 11.25%


Labor Day was something my family always got together for. In fact, they're all partying right now as I type this. One of my favorite desserts on this day was the fruit sorbet my mother always prepared. Mango, Pineapple, Raspberry, the usual. I wanted to try my hand at taking that profile, and adding some more twists to the mix to really lift the flavor. This is the result


Flavor Notes:

LA Banana Cream: This is the heart and soul of the recipe. One I added this into the recipe, it immediately worked as the core, and allowed all the other flavors to hold on to. The banana is bent with the Jackfruit/Pineapple to create a more candied and vivid pineapple flavor. Without it, the pineapple is thin and light, toppling over the other flavors. 4% is perfect

RF Pineapple: I'm using this pineapple because I find it lasts a lot longer than the others, as well as have some more vibrancy. By itself it doesn't seem to be groundbreaking, but with the LA banana cream, the profile comes into its own. 2% is plenty, though feel free to lift up some more for an extra boost of tartness

TFA Key Lime: You need this flavor to add some citrus to the fruit, to bring out some brightness. While this flavoring isn't as tart or sour as something a lemon could provide, we don't want to hinder the banana/pineapple. That touch of lime on the end also adds some extra dimension to the overall flavor.

TFA Jackfruit: This is the secret weapon of the mix. Giving a much needed vibrancy to Pineapple/Banana Cream, this flavoring just takes those flavors to another level. It also adds that topicality to the mix that helps it taste more intriguing and diverse. Much like the quince, its use in the middle of the vape creates a delicious boost of flavor. 2% is just enough, though a bit more will absolutely add some more thickness to the vibrancy.

WS-23: If you're not in the know, WS-23 is a super koolada. There's no mint flavor, just a strong ice that does well in scenarios like this. This isn't really needed, but its addition brings together the authenticity of the "sorbet". If this is something you want to omit, feel free. If you want just a touch of ice, feel free to turn down. In this mix, I wanted a thick ice to freeze the flavors and create a strong experience. Also, I'm mainly vaping this recipe in the heat!



  1. This is really good! I ordered the la banana cream specifically for this recipe and I’m glad I did because it kicks the crap out of tfa banana cream…..Ill never use the tfa banana cream again. I was very skeptical about the key lime at 2% seemed high, but wayne was right it totally brightens everything up and gives the recipe a “completeness” that would not be there without it…..Bangin bro thanks!

  2. Hey there! Made a finger fault on my online order and accidentally ordered RF Pina Colada :( No other supplier in my area has RF Pineapple. Would it be okay to use CAP Pineapple at the same %

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