Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice REVIEW [NO LIFE Gaming]

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Gaming as Art

Videogames as art is one of the oldest debates we’ve had in the industry. Hellblade made by indie developer out of Cambridge, England, Ninja Theory, has taken that debate and smashed it with their newest game. The game is one part walking sim, one part adventurer, one part puzzler, and one part hack-n-slash, all blended together to the tell this amazing story of Senua a woman during the Medieval time period who suffers from a mental health illness where she constantly hears voices and can’t tell the difference between the manifestations in her head and reality. Ninja Theory themselves have stated that Hellblade is an “independent AAA title, ” a game by an indie team with triple A production. My review will be based around this very statement, and I will compare this game with other AAA titles as well as indie titles. So let’s get started.



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