Extracted Season 2 Returning Sep. 6th!

The Come Back

Extracted has been one of my favorite projects that I started on DIYorDIEVaping.com. For those who are either new, or just haven’t heard of what Extracted is, it’s podcast I created where I host a show that dives into the deeper realms of e-liquid mixing, art, technology, and how it all blends together. It’s done with much more intent and the content is more highly produced, compared to other podcasts like InTheMix. It’s a difficult show for me to produce, maybe THE most difficult, because of how much writing and research goes into it (on top of the shooting / editing). Thus the need for a seasonal release – something I didn’t realize was needed until after the first few shows.

But it’s coming back! Starting September 6th, the first episode of the second season will be released. This next season will run for 8 episodes, or two months, and be available every Wednesday for MEMBERS ONLY. The next season episodes have all been written, and while there is no real theme for the season, it will introduce many new aspects that I hope all of you will enjoy. Also, expect a few VIDEO episodes (alongside the audio only) to make an appearance this season and expect to hear much more about the tech side of e-liquid mixing and the industry. I hope you’re all excited for the new season to come and feel free to leave a comment below with any suggestions or comments on the show below. See you soon!

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