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Tweaked Obsidian (Cookie Dough RY4)


This recipe is a tweaked version of the original Obsidian. Flavor is a warm and buttery cookie dough recipe rolled up into an RY4. There's more a focus on the cookie dough in this recipe compared to the original. It's great for those who don't enjoy Pie Crust. FULL DEV NOTES HERE ->


CAP Super Sweet     0.5%FLV Cookie     1.5%FA Butterscotch     0.5%TPA Graham Cracker Clear     1.5%TPA Ry4 Double     3%TPA Vanilla Custard     0.5%

Total Flavor: 7.5%


This is a tweaked version of the original cookie dough ry4 I've released recently, Obsidian. It has an emphasis on the cookie dough aspect of the recipe and does it more authentically than the original. There's also a nice buttery richness to the mix to help with the dryness. Both recipes are similar in genre and soul, but differ in taste and flavor. 


Flavor Notes:

FLV Cookie: This is by far the most substantial difference between this and the original recipe. FLV Cookie at 1.5% has a more prominent bakery flavor compared to cookie dough. This presence allows it to be bent much more easily and that's what I want to take advantage of in this recipe. That cookie flavor is what is lacking in the original Obsidian, because cookie dough doesn't do cookie that well. So a little bending will make it easier for me to develop the type of cookie dough I'm looking for.

FA Butterscotch: This is what blends the RY4 with the cookie dough. Without it, the recipe lacks that strong cohesion. There's also a specific type of sweetness that gets developed when you combine FA Butterscotch and Sucralose. It's that type of sweetness that I crave with this recipe and one of the main reasons I keep coming back to this recipe. Just 0.5% is all you need, but if you wanted some more of that butterscotch sweetness, feel free to turn up to 1%

TFA Graham Cracker Clear: This is used to help bring out that floury bakery aspect of the cookie dough. It's boosted by the RY4, the Butterscotch, and the Cookie, and just adds a thickness to the recipe that wouldn't otherwise be there. We want to use 1.5%, which might be a bit high or graham cracker, but we're dealing with some heavy flavorings so it works well to add that girth.

TFA RY4 Double: Obviously the heart and soul of the recipe. The recipe wouldn't be complete without the RY4 to add that extra dimension of caramel thickness and light tobacco. 3% for me, but for you, that number is completely subjective. I know some enjoy RY4 at a much higher range to really bring out that tobacco. So feel free to play around with it.

TFA Vanilla Custard: The secret weapon. This adds that buttery richness that I feel is missing from the original. This buttery flavor seeps into the cookie, into the butterscotch, into the caramel, and into the tobacco, and leaves this delicious luxurious flavor behind and really adds authenticity to the cookie dough we've built. It keeps the recipe from getting too dry as well, which helps make it an ADV. And at 0.5% we're only using a touch because we don't want to infuse too much into the flavor. We want the focus to be the cookie dough so keeping it light is necessary as it's an ingredient that can get out of hand easily.


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