The August Lull

Expansion and Recharging

Many of you who have been following my videos know that in August I will be slowing things down in terms of content. After 2 years of doing DIYorDIE straight, it’s time I take a step back to recharge before burning myself out, as well as work on expanding DIYorDIE to produce more and better content for you all. August is a good time for me to do this because I will be traveling a lot for the company anyway, as well as doing some wedding stuff (South Africans, don’t forget I will be at Vapecon there on the 26th!). And the summertime is always a slow month for content regardless, so I want to take advantage of that situation. The last two years I’ve released more content to the vaping community than all the other vaping youtubers/personalities combined. NONE have amassed the type of catalog and website I’ve created. With 90% of it being completely free for anyone to view. I’m quite proud of the work I’ve done, the community that I’ve built, and the world WE’VE created, and I just need a bit of time to help expand everything and recharge myself in order to comeback with a bang. So, if you notice August is slower for content from DIYorDIE, you know why.

Now this is not a vacation. I will still be putting up articles, flavorbook entries, research, some videos, on top of other things. They will just be at a slower rate than you’re used to seeing. If you’re someone who is new to DIYorDIE, now’s a great time to hit the archives and catch up on the thousands of articles, notes, podcasts, videos, research, recipes and what not, that I’ve released in the last two years. I will also be re-uploading articles from ITMagazine to the site for easy viewing. Not to mention, podcasts like BLND, Noted, and MixLife will still be going on every week. So yeah, I wanted to give you a heads up just so no one worries about where DIYorDIE is going or if its falling apart. Just taking it easy this month to focus on building things out, hitting up South Africa, working on my wedding, and reinvigorating my brain. Hope you all understand. Thank you. Keep mixing, much love.


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