FlavorTalk: TFA Cinn Sugar Cookie; FW Caramel Cinn Roll; CAP Cinn Danish Swirl

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TFA Cinnamon Sugar Cookie:

This is a flavoring that I would pass on. I don’t see any real value in it unless you needed a specifically potent cinnamon flavor with a light bakery on the end to use as a bridge or enhancer. There is some light cookie notes, very much a sugar cookie, but its overrun by a mountain of “Red-Hot” style cinnamon. I’ve also used this flavor exclusively low, 0.5-1%, and it still felt as if there was a bit too much cinnamon. Overall, it’s just not for me and I find the others to be much better options

FW Caramel Cinnamon Roll:

This flavoring is a bit better. It’s got an interestingly thick and dense cake body too it, that feels as if it’s drenched in caramel, and then rolled into cinnamon. I do like how much weight this flavoring gives. Makes it a bit more useful in bakeries. The cinnamon is much like a normal table cinnamon that you’d use for your bakeries, and not like the Red-Hot type cinnamon in the first flavoring. I tend to use this around 2-3%, even though I can see some going higher for a more full effect

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl

This is the best of the bunch. It’s a light and EXTREMELY fluffy bakery body that’s dusted in white sugar and cinnamon. This makes it my go-to choice for these type of recipes. I generally need a lot of this flavoring to get what I need out of it since it has heavy fading, so 5-6% is not uncommon. Click here for the full FlavorBook entry.

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