Recipe Critique: Mango Sticky Rice by Shyndo

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The Recipe

Mango Sticky Rice


A popular dessert in Thai Restaurants. Creamy coconut infused sticky rice with ripe slices of juicy mango. FE sweet rice is the star of the show here and the main note of the recipe. It fades a little so we use it quite high at 5 percent. FA cream fresh bridges the gap between our coconuts and our rice and makes the mix cohesive. It also adds a pleasing tropical dairy note on its own. FA coco and TPA coconut candy blend in with our rice and infuse it with coconut goodness. This might look high for the coconut but it actually ends up pretty balanced throughout. Flv mango is the mango we use here because it is the only one that will not blend into the middle of the mix or add a musky note. We use it quite low for flv without using CAP sweet alongside it because we want the rice to remain the star and the mango to be balanced alongside it when the rice fades a little in the next couple of days. You will notice the more you vape this the more prevalent the mango becomes. Cap super sweet actually has a job here and it's to tone down the slightly bitter note you get at the end of the sweet rice exhale. This is something unique to sweet rice and this amount seems to mask it quite nicely. This is not a recipe to throw in your steep cabinet. Great as a shake and vape.


CAP Super Sweet     0.2%FLV Mango     3.5%FE Sweet Rice     5%FA Coco' (coconut)     1.5%FA Cream Fresh     1%TPA Coconut Candy     0.75%

Total Flavor: 11.95%

The Critique


This recipe is delicious. I was a bit worried when first looking at the recipe because I am personally quite sensitive to coconut. It’s not a profile that I do not enjoy, but usually I find it just dominates the mix. Not so in this recipe. It’s pairing against the sweet rice as well as mango is perfect and it lies beautifully in the mix. In fact, it’s changed my view on how coconut can be done. TFA Coconut Candy was a bang on choice and to me seems like it was made for FE Sweet Rice. The top of the vape is mango, followed by a nice, almost creamy, coconut, and then a light bed of rice on the end. One of the best parts of this recipe is how well the sweetness is done. Almost perfectly. It’s not cloying nor astringent, just beautifully sweetened. One of my criticisms is that, while the recipe has dimension and noticeable layers within the recipe, they do seem a bit too close together. I would’ve loved a bit more separation between the mango and rice, but that’s not to say the recipe is linear in the slightest. I think a bit more separation would really open up the recipe and fill out the flavor much more, and I’m sure a small tweak could make that happen. But nonetheless, this is an absolutely delicious eliquid recipe and I’m sure I’m going to crush the rest of this 30ml before finishing writing this.


4.5 / 5


Unfortunately, this is the only lacking aspect of the vape. While the recipe tastes wonderful and the flavor is delicious, it doesn’t quite scream to me Mango Sticky Rice. In fact, it just barely says rice at all. And that’s my biggest criticism. The rice seems to be a bit too far pushed back into the recipe. Mango Sticky Rice is more rice than anything else, it’s the bedrock of the flavors that accent it. And in this recipe, it plays second fiddle to both the mango and coconut. Now, that being said, the recipe does check off enough boxes to call it mango sticky rice. Many of you who are looking for a mango sticky rice will be damn happy with this recipe. I’m just being particularly hard on this recipe because I know a small tweak can make that rice pop a bit more, throwing it on the top next to the vibrant mango, giving the authenticity it needs to taste spot on.


3.5 / 5

Risk / Innovation:

Rice is damn difficult. If you don’t believe me, go pick up FE Sweet Rice and start mixing with it. It’s insanely fragrant, but at the same time, can hide under the covers quite easily. The fact that Shyndo was able to effectively create an intriguing and fucking delicious recipe with not only one difficult profile with rice, but two others being abrasive mango and potent coconut, demands applause. And while we’ve seen Mango Sticky Rice done before, I don’t think I’ve had one this delicious. A very tough profile with great execution.


4 / 5

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