Reviewing the Classics: Mother’s Milk by Suicide Bunny

Mother's Milk by Suicide Bunny


One of the OG's in terms of "craft" or "premium" eliquid. Mother's Milk remains one of the biggest and most recognizable names in eliquid, even if the sales of it have slowed down. I've had Mother's Milk only a couple of times throughout my vapor career. I don't remember ever being entirely impressed, but I also wasn't reviewing it, or critiquing it. Well until now of course.


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The eliquid is meant to be "a rich and creamy dessert flavor, with a light strawberry exhale." Is this supposed to be a Strawberry Cream, or Strawberry Milk? Well I can say upon vaping it, I'm not really sure. I'm immediately hit with an off-tasting strawberry. The strawberry reminds me of FA's Red Touch strawberry, where I taste this earthy, out of place off note right on the top. Here is no different, though the strawberry is quite light. The most disappointing aspect of the flavor is the "rich and creamy dessert". Now maybe they have reformulated the recipe since the first time I've had it (because I don't remember it being this bad), but there is an extreme lack of cohesion in this recipe. It's a god damn mess, its full of off notes, and I'm not entirely sure why. Here's my theory. I think they had a great strawberry milk recipe before, but once the DAAP police came, they decided to reformulate, couldn't make it work without a little DAAP, rushed this out, and this is the result. Now it's not all bad. It's a smooth vape, its nicely sweetened, and to its credit, it does have some resemblance of the flavor profiles it claims. Like, there is a noticeable cream and a noticeable strawberry, but they're just so haphazardly put together that it turns me off completely. And that's my biggest critique. Things are all out of place, there's absolutely no cohesion whatsoever, and it's way too expensive for what you get. I can see why I don't really see this stuff on shelves anymore.

A "strawberry dessert" that's filled with off-notes with everything out of place, and a clear lack of cohesion. The only thing saving this from a fat zero is the fact that it's slightly accurate to what they say, and its nicely sweetened.

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  1. there must be something wrong with the new recipe….its many years im not vaping this,but i remember this was a very complex and even uniqe straw cream custard bakery milk something..

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