Top 5 Favorite Flavor Atomizers

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#1 – Hadaly by Psyclone Mods

If you’ve followed DIYorDIE for some time now, you’ll know how much I love the Hadaly. It’s easily, in my opinion, the best, most consistent, and most “reference” atomizer on the market today. It was tough removing myself from the Derringer/Plumeveil life I was living in for YEARS. But the Hadaly is just that good. The air holes are perfect, and for the way I vape, allow the best vaping experience that’s neither too tight nor too open. This beautifully balanced airflow allows for a reference flavor that is unrivaled. It’s got an understated design that I love, its REALLY easy to build on thanks to the clamp system (that actually works), and allows for any 510 drip tip which is something to be said for these days. If you want something to sell you on, listen to this; everytime I vape any other atomizer, I’m wishing I was vaping my Hadaly, and that’s no joke.

#2 – naRDA by Nar Mods

The naRDA is very much like the Hadaly, but tighter. It’s got slightly the same type of airdraw the Hadaly has when its closed down half way, but in a smaller, and slightly harder to build on deck.  There seems to be much more emphasis on the high’s on this atomizer, meaning my fruits/candies and lighter recipes work wonderfully in here. But bakeries, desserts, and tobaccos seem to lack in weight just a bit. It squonks really well thanks to the really small chambers, and the saturation/density of the vape is extreme. If you enjoy recipes with more subtlety, I think you’ll really like the naRDA.

#3 – The Recoil by Grimmgreen X Ohmboy OC

I love to chuck clouds every once and a while and I have a few devices that are good at this. But none give me the type of flavor that the Recoil does. The dual snake bite airflow holes not only look great, but allow for a very saturated and thick vape. In the video I call these the “Beats” of the vaping world, because they give a lot of emphasis to the base, or foundation, while the highs feel a bit rounded off missing that “sparkle” that the naRDA has. Nonetheless, whenever I need a ton of power or want a crazy build, it usually goes in the Recoil.

#4 – Snapdragon v1.5 by Eden Mods

The SnapDragon v1.5 makes the list thanks to its VERY unique flavor signature. It emphasizes both the lows and the highs, but leaves a bit to be desired in the body. This makes for a fun, exciting, and “commercial” vaping experience. The bottom airflow, while leaks when I over-drip, gives great flavor and a saturated, dense, vape.

#5 – Kayfun 5 by Svöe Mesto

The only RTA/Tank on the list, the Kayfun 5 has been “ol’ reliable”. It’s got the best reference flavor for a tank and gives such a great vape. While it’s not tight enough for a mouth to lung, and not open enough for a wide lung, it still has a vape that works for me. It’s flavor is much like the Hadaly…just a few notches down on impact. It doesn’t slam you with flavor, and rather, allows you to slowly draw the flavor out. If I’m testing for a tank, this is the tank I test in.



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