Peach with Almond Cream

Yellow Peaches with a light almond cream. Bright, subtly sweet, with a velvety almond cream.
Made for FlavorBook Entry (WF Peach Pie & Cream)
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Bright Yellow Peaches Laid On a  Bed of Velvety Almond Cream

This recipe was made in conjunction with the (WF) Peach Pie & Cream FlavorBook Entry. It utilizes the great accuracy of WF Peach Pie & Cream that packs a great yellow peach flavor, where the rest of the ingredients boost the properties found within the flavoring. If you're a fan of peaches and cream, you'll love this one.

Flavor Notes:

WF Peach Pie and Cream: This is the heart and soul of the mix. It has all the properties that we want in this mix and just needs a bit of boost to really bring the flavor home. 5% is the standard in mixes. It packs that beautifully accurate yellow peach, with just the right amount of sweetness, and that light cream on the end. But we can have a bit more fun with it by using some light bends to morph the flavor where we want it.

FA White Peach: This flavoring is used to help give that peach top note some more vibrancy and juiciness. One thing that FA White Peach does that I really enjoy is pack some "wetness", and I feel it will only help bring the authenticity in more. There's also a bit of tartness that will add some dimension to the mix.

CAP Vanilla Whipped / FA Meringue: This is to add much more "mouthfeel" and dairy to the end of the vape. For a true peaches and cream, we need to have a good 50/50 ratio of peaches to cream. The CAP Whipped is a great choice because it's non-obtrusive and light, while also adding that fluffiness. And the FA Meringue adds more of that dairy note, while helping blend in that FA Almond a bit easier.

FA Almond: This part of the recipe is used to add some nice almond accents and give the recipe some intrigue. The "fatty" aspects of almond also help give the recipe a distinct nuttiness that blends well with both the peaches and the cream. It's just not the same recipe without it.



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