QuickTips: Make Better Milk Vapes (Beginner DIY E-liquid Tips)

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Milks, Creams, Whipped Creams, Ice Creams, Frozen Yogurts, Yogurts, Cheesecakes, Custards, and many more dairies all have their own distinctive flavor. And when you’re making eliquid, in order to really sell the authenticity (how accurate the flavor is to the real original source) you need to portray those distinctive flavors in your recipes. Now, this is a lot easier than it sounds. Basically, the first step is to find the “defining characteristic” of the source you want to emulate. Or in other words, find out what makes that flavor taste like that specific flavor. For example, what makes a Yogurt taste like a yogurt and not an ice cream? Once you found that out, you can find the ingredient that helps you portray that flavor in your recipe. The list below are some VERY simple characteristics of popular dairies that can help you add some more authenticity to your mixes.

Milk: Light nutty note (hazelnut or malt) on a light vanilla like creamy texture
Cream: Light nutty note, with a thicker vanilla body and light butter
Whipped Cream: fluffy, marshmallow like, milky body with very light vanilla
Ice Cream: Thicker, richer, milkier body with strong vanilla note, and light malt.
Yogurt: Thicker, richer, milkier body with light vanilla, and light sour cheese note
Greek Yogurt: Thicker, richer, milkier body with light vanilla, and strong sour cheese note
Frozen Yogurt: lighter, milky body with light vanilla, and light sour cheese note
Cheesecake: Very thick, rich, and dense milky body, with light sour cheese note and light vanilla
Custards: Very thick, rich, eggy body, with strong vanilla, and light butter

Now each of those flavor profiles have a flavoring that gives off that specific flavor. But many aren’t as accurate as you may want them to be. So take those defining characteristics, and input them into your recipes to make them much more accurate and authentic. And then once you have your ideal flavor, you can use that as a layer in a bigger recipe with fruits and toppings to give them some flair and dimension.

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