The Rose Milk Recipe Scavenger Hunt

The Hunt

Rose Milk is a recipe I created to satisfy my needs for a “perfect” strawberry and cream recipe. While it’s not “perfect” in my opinion (there’s still a LOT of work to be done with Strawberry Flavorings to nail the perfect S&C), it is fucking delicious and many people have been enjoying the fruits of my labor by purchasing the One-Shots over at ECX. This is the ONLY One-Shot where the recipe has not been publicly released. I did so because I wanted to release the recipe in a very unconventional way, contrasting the conventional flavor profile. So I devised a plan that will probably infuriate many, but also release the recipe, as I said.

The plan is a scavenger hunt. Through the next couple months I will be dropping the flavorings and their percentages throughout the content I produce. They will be VERY difficult to find, and only the most hardcore DIYorDIE fans will be able to uncover the recipe. I will use the entire website, all the videos, all the podcasts, all the instagram/twitter posts, all the LiveMixing videos, all the One-Shots, everything I’ve ever created, at my disposal, to hide the flavorings and their percentages. And it’s up to you, all of you, to find them. If I find that it’s too difficult for you all to find the flavorings, I may start to drop hints and clues. But don’t count on any clues for months ahead. If you want the recipe, I suggest you start looking.

The Rules

What If I Find An Ingredient?

If you find a piece to the recipe, post the flavoring, percentage, and where you found it it in the comments or on the Mixer’s Collective for all to see. Once a piece is uncovered, I will mark it down below, on this page.

Will We Know When All the Ingredients Are Found?

Once all ingredients are uncovered, I will announce it and the recipe will be released on the site for everyone, for free. I will not release the recipe until all ingredients are found. I will NOT release the recipe until all ingredients are found.

Will ingredients be hidden under members only content?

Maybe, maybe not.

Do enhancers and sweeteners count as ingredients?


Why Are You Making Such a Big Deal Out Of This?

Because I’ve released countless recipes before, and I wanted to do something new and fun for the site. If you don’t like it, tough shit.



 CAP Sweet Strawberry 4% Graeme Lindsey-Jones
HS French Vanilla Ice Cream 1% Lucas Perry

Remember to leave your findings in the comments below


  1. CAP Sweet Strawberry @ 4%
    It’s in the Flavor Talk: Apple video at 7:04 as the cap double apple graphic caption transitions off
    btw Wayne… the FW Apples captions are incorrect in this video (they read FA but should read FW).

  2. TFA Cheesecake graham crust 3%
    FA Vanilla whipped 3%
    “Strawberry” 6%
    Noted episode 7 thumbnail

    FA Red touch
    TFA juicy peach dx
    FW raspberry
    All linked to the word “rose” on ECX

    Ill even extrapolate that FA red touch is 2% given the 6% “strawberry” clue and sweet strawberry takes up 4% of that. .5% for both raspberry and peach. Theres a .5% of a mystery flavor shown on the noted thumbnail and thats the proper percentage for enhancing yet not tasting.

  3. Tfa- Strawberry Ripe 1%

    Tfa- Strawberry 2%

    Lmao, Idk but im Having a blast either way, let em beg while you make them pay! Lmao

    • The two strawberries if 6% total have to be Ripe and Cap Sweet. So 4% CAP 2% ripe. If I think cheesecake is High % let’s say 6% Cap Ny Cheescake. 1.5 % Graham Cracker Clear, 1% HS French Vanilla bean Ice cream. .5 % Cap Supersweet. That’s it.

  4. This is my last try, as I have a 120ml of rosemilk concentrate on its way here.
    With that being said:
    Cap- New York Cheesecake @ 6%
    Cap- Sweet Cream @1%
    Tfa- Graham Cracker Clear @ 1.5%
    Sucralose or super sweet @ 1.5%
    He also mentions in the article above that its the best cheesecake base he’s made and he’d put it up against any other on the market.
    Thats my try. Gonna use it myself anyways. Thanks vape fam, good luck!

  5. Got the idea from noticing strawberry cheesecake ice cream under the Roseville I could logo artwork what the fuck ever I don’t think that shits always been there but I don’t m got the idea from noticing strawberry cheesecake ice cream under the Rosemilk logo artwork, I don’t think that shits always been there but I don’t mind being wrong. Peace

  6. This is crazy we only have 2 flavors … this recipe is 7+ flavors by the way we are going we might get all flavors found and complete this recipe by 12/31/2018

  7. Concentrate – Flavorah’s cookie
    Percentage – unknown
    Source – inthemix podcast: the last one

    Wayne said “i’ve got flavorah’s cookie all over my hands from earlier” hmmmmm

  8. Cap sweet strawberry 4%
    Hs french vanilla ice cream 1%
    Flv cream 1%
    Fa meringue or flv frosting 1.5%
    Shisha strawberry 1%
    Wf strawberry 1.2%
    Lb ice cream 4% or tpa
    Raspberry sweet 0.5%

  9. Flv cream 1%
    Fa meringue or flv frosting 1.5%
    Shisha strawberry 1%
    Wf strawberry 1.2%
    Lb ice cream 4% or tpa
    Raspberry sweet 0.5%

  10. Hs french vanilla 1%
    Cap v1 custard or tpa 0.5%
    Cap strawberry sweet 4%
    Cap super sweet 0.4%
    Cap nyc cheesecake 4%
    Fa red touch strawberry 1%
    Tpa strawberry ripe 1%
    Fa meringue 0.5%

  11. OOO Creamy Milky Undertone at 1.5%
    CAP New York Cheesecake at 3%
    FA Fresh Cream at 1%
    FA Vienna Cream at 0.5%
    FA Meringue 0.5%


  12. Ok. Long time lurker. Here’s my whack at it:

    2% FA Juicy Strawberry

    Found: FA Juicy Strawberry Flavorbook Entry Recipe – Strawberry Lemonade

  13. I’m going FA Vienna Cream 1%. From the flavorbook entry. But I’ll (maybe) know better when I try the original. Just got it in today!

  14. I’ve been vaping rose milk exclusively for the past several months (best S&C I’ve ever had) but I got a batch this week that’s a little heavy on the strawberry, either because it hasn’t steeped or the mix is just off. But either way this strawberry I’m tasting has GOT to be JF strawberry sweet… I’m 99.9% sure of it! I know CAP sweet strawberry has already been confirmed but I’m telling you there has got to be some JF straw sweet in the mix too! I went a little crazy with it one time (after Wayne mentioned it in that VBIC+strawberry syrup recipe post) and too much of it/vaping before its steeped leaves a very dinstinctive flavor on the tongue… I’m not a paying member so I don’t have access to everything (plus I don’t really understand exactly how this specific scavenger hunt works anyway) but thought I would share this so everyone could keep an eye out!

  15. This scavenger hunt is tough man. It’s crazy that we haven’t found anymore ingredients. I thought Wayne would have given it up by now.

  16. Alright, Im on my second 120ml of Rose Milk.
    I would like to know by now.
    Also, if anyone can crack Jennifer Jarvis’s bake sale, I cant figure it out, other than its delicious (buy it from ECX!)

  17. Am I crazy, I don’t taste super sweet. The clones on ATF and some comments allude that because Wayne tends to use it, it must be in here.

  18. Oh cool, maybe me bumping the comments reminded him :)
    I am at a point in mixing where I have so much extra flavoring (about to give alot away) where I am very careful to buy new ingredients as I know I am spending way too much on stuff I will barely use in 5 years.
    I would rather buy the Rose Milk extract again, and other one shots then go buy the 3-4 missing ingredients for each recipe I am chasing. (yes Im a recipe chaser, not developer)
    Wayne if you are reading, please continue with a new generation of one shots. If I was to recommend someone to DIY who is not obsessed with flavor testing and spending 1000$’s of dollars, one shots are the way to go.

  19. JF – Strawberry 2%
    FW -VBIC 2%
    FA- Marshmallow 1%
    FW -Cheesecake 2%
    Tfa – Vanilla custard 0.25%

  20. ethel malthol 0.5%
    super sweet cap 0.5%
    sweet straw cap 4%
    strawberry rip TPA 3%
    French Vanilla Ice Cream HS 1%

  21. I’m pretty sure there is TPA Strawberry in it. My guess is around 3-4%. Also super sweet 0.5% and maybe CAP vanilla bean ice cream 1-2%.

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