Flavor Talk: Apple (DIY E-liquid Tips)

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Apple is one of the best ingredients we have at our disposal when it comes to mixing. Each ingredient packs a wonderful amount of versatility and gives us tons of options to add dimension and layers within our recipes. In the video above I talk about my favorite Apple flavorings that I use to get me what I need out of my flavor profiles, mention the concentrations of each ingredient I think you should use them at, as well as their main purpose.

Here is a link to a previous post about Apple. Check it out. 

FA Fuji: This is the king of all apples. This apple is regarded as the most vivid and best tasting apple on the market. The former is less subjective than the latter, but there’s no denying that if you’re a fan of bright flavors, Fuji is a great ingredient to use. Now while this might not be the most versatile of the bunch, that certainly doesn’t mean it’s limiting. There are a lot of pairings this flavoring can sit with. Just be prepared to taste each and every bit of it in your recipe, sometimes even as low as 0.5%. Check out the FlavorBook entry here.

Goldfish’s “Apple Buttah” is a great recipe that showcases FA Fuji

FW Green Apple / Natural: Green Apple is more geared towards those who love tartness and sourness. Green Apple, while it doesn’t pack much “sourness”, does bring the punch of tartness to any recipe you layer it into. FW did a great job of nailing what people love about the Green Apple, and doing away with what people don’t like. Perfect to add an “artificial” candy quality to your recipes while also adding a touch of tartness and (considering the pairing works right) not disrupting the defining characteristics of the main notes. If you’re looking to make this as a main note, it will definitely sit above anything you throw at it. Click here for the FlavorBook entry. 

Here is the Carnage Clone I made using this ingredient. 

INW Two Apples: This flavoring is so damn excellent. It’s a blend of both a bright red apple and a tart green apple. The top has the bright sweetness of a red Gala apple, and the body has the tartness of a green apple, and INW does a wonderful job of nailing the authenticity. It’s almost like drinking a juice made of compressing those two types of apple. What I love about this flavoring is that it does everything you want an apple to do in your recipes, if used as an accent or a driver. It can add a nice bright sweetness as well as a tartness, and lift any of the fruits in the main profile considering they pair well. It’s really hard to mess this fruit up, so pick it up!

CAP Double Apple: And now we lead into the most versatile of the bunch, CAP Double Apple. This flavoring is extremely authentic and tastes like a fresh, compressed, red apple. It’s a delicious and subtle flavoring that’s meant to add the subtle sweetness of a red apple into your recipes. What I love so much about this flavoring is its texture. CAP nails the apple texture in this mix, and it’s easy to harness that into your recipes. The recipe below is the perfect example of how to use this flavoring to bend other flavorings while lending its texture. The only thing keeping this from a perfect score is that it’s a bit light, so balancing becomes a bit more difficult. But once you nail it down, it’s easy to understand the greatness of CAP Double Apple. Click here for the FlavorBook Entry.

Here’s the Water-Malone recipe mentioned in the video using this flavoring. 


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